Lucid’s chief engineer shows us the Lucid Air’s charging system on video

The Lucid Air is considered one of the most advanced electrics in the world today. Their systems are positioned as a world reference and Lucid Motors are very happy with it, so much so that from time to time they reveal to the world the technologies that have made them stand out. This time he speaks to us the head of engineering of the house, Eric Bach, who shows us in detail how the charging system of the electric sedan works. A very interesting 30 minute technical talk.

The technical specifications of the Air are among the best in the industry. In his catalog, Lucid Motors ensures that it is capable of recovering 300 miles of autonomy, about 480 kilometers, in just 22 minutes thanks to a charging power of up to 300 kW in direct current. That’s what the theory says. In alternating current, the maximum power is 19.2 kW, quite good, although it is not the best that is offered on the market, since models such as the Mercedes EQS have up to 22 kW of alternating power.

The secret of such figures lies in the Air’s integrated charger, called Wunderbox. At Lucid they are so proud of him that they have dedicated this very illustrative video to him. Bach himself explains in the video that the Wunderbox not only functions as a charger, it is also part of the structure of the car, providing more rigidity and safety. The chief engineer goes so far as to ensure that he even reduces the noise inside the cabin, although we are not quite sure how he is able to achieve such a thing.

Within the video reference is made to the exclusive Lucid Motors system that not only improves the conversion efficiency from AC to DC by up to 95%. The Air can also have bidirectional charging, although at the moment it is not activated. The car comes from the factory with this particularity, but the control software has not yet been completed. Engineers hope to soon release a remote update that allows drivers to supply current in reverse, powering a house or being able to charge other electrical objects.

A few months ago it was the CEO and founder of the company, Peter Rawlinson, who made a very similar video talking about the Air’s battery technology. A very illustrative technical class that showed us the ins and outs of one of the most advanced batteries of the moment. With 112 kWh capacity, the Air’s batteries allow autonomy ranges of over 800 kilometers to be reached under the EPA approval cycle. Recently, the electric sedan has been listed as the most advanced electric in the world by Bloomberg.

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