Lucid will release the 1,400 hp Air Tri-Motor, a rival to the Tesla Model S Plaid

It is common knowledge that Lucid Motors and Tesla are involved in a little battle. Some look skeptically, while others want to replicate the success of their rivals. For that reason, Lucid Motor will soon present a model directly rival to the Tesla Model S Plaid. Lucid Air Tri-Motor Will Become Austin’s Saloon Nemesis, although there are still many details to be known. The presentation will take place soon, on August 19 during a massive commercial event.

For the last few days and weeks, Lucid Motors has been teasing a big reveal for the The Quail event, integrated into the Monterrey car week, one of the most exclusive and prestigious motorsport events in the world. There is no better setting to present what will become the most powerful Lucid Air to date, surpassing the records of the limited and exclusive 1,111-horsepower Dream Edition Performance that was briefly on sale during the early stages of the Lucid Air’s commercial launch.

Peter Rawlinson has set himself the goal of surpassing Tesla, although it is not easy for him. In terms of production, companies play in very different leagues. While those in Austin are setting production records, those in California have been forced to lower expectations for this year. The lack of supplies is seriously affecting the company, although they know that this small bump cannot be an impediment to continue with their route and the launch schedule that includes a powerful rival for the Model S Plaid.

The Air Tri-Motor will not match the conditions of Elon Musk’s super saloon, but it will improve all its performance figures. With three electric motors working in unison, the most powerful Lucid Air ever created will offer some 1,400 horsepower. A figure that will place it in the orbit of other large electric hypercars. Although no official data has been released at the moment, a record time is expected in terms of acceleration, and also in price.

The Air is not the cheapest electric model on the market, it is far from it. The most extreme version will break the $150,000 barrier, which will not make it the most popular electric on the market either. However, like Tesla did at the time, Lucid hopes that the figures will generate that brand image that he so longs for. Next August 19 we will leave doubts about it. It will be then when we can know in detail how it is and what performance this long-awaited radical version offers.

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