Lucid will also raise the price of the electric Air from June

Practically all current manufacturers are being forced to trigger significant increases in the sale prices of their models due, to a greater extent, to the increased manufacturing costs or lack of supplies. Now we know that Lucid, the North American luxury electric car company, has launched an ordeal to its current customers, and those to come, announcing an increase in their starting prices from June.

This has triggered a good favor for its customers who are still waiting to receive their luxury model, for those who have just made this order or for those who were thinking of getting one of these electric cars. The main reason for the latter is that Lucid Motors has given them a period of time of just under a month to make their purchase, because once said period has been fulfilled the price will increase between 10,000 and 15,000 dollarsdepending on the mechanical variant you opt for.

We know that companies specializing in the sale of electric vehicles have already taken this step for their loyal and potential customers. One of these brands is Tesla, which has notably increased the prices of its vehicles; For example, the Tesla Model 3, its workhorse, has increased the cost of registration in Spain by 10% for its access version. Other firms still little known in our region, such as Rivian, suffered a strong wave of cancellations of their orders, something that involved changing the terms for new customers.

The Lucid Air is presented as a luxury and high-performance electric car
The Lucid Air is presented as a high-performance luxury electric car.

Lucid Motors has released this news during the company’s first quarter 2022 earnings presentation. This price increase will be noticeable when buying any of the mechanical variants of its star model. So that the cost difference can be clearly seen, the Lucid Air Grand Touring currently has a starting price of $139,000, while starting in June they will start at $154,000. An additional $15,000 on this high-spec variant, but there’s more. In the case of the Air Touring version, the increase will be $12,400., which will put the starting price at $107,400. In the case of the access variant, the Lucid Air Pure, which currently starts at $77,400, will now be $87,400; An additional $10,000.

As of today, Lucid has a total of 30,000 firm orders while its current production has not yet taken off, as During the first quarter of this 2022, the company delivered only 360 electric cars. The plans of the brand estimate to be able to manufacture between 12,000 and 14,000 cars during this same year, with a view that in 2023 they can even increase such a circulation. In any case, these figures contrast a lot with the roadmap set by the firm at the beginning, since they estimated that its production could reach 20,000 units per year. Today and in the best of cases, Whoever acquires one of its electric models will have to wait until the end of 2023 to receive their order.

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