Lucid Air Stealth Look: a sinister and “sneaky” aesthetic for the sedan with the most autonomy

The Lucid Air is, without going into its features, a high-flying sedan with an elegant and distinguished character. At least that has been its conception until now, since the American company has wanted to give it a more sinister aesthetic. Lucid Motors has just introduced a new cosmetic package called ‘Stealth look’ with which your electric saloon acquires a sportier and, of course, darker personality.

Until now, the Lucid Air has displayed the so-called ‘Platinum Look’, its standard aesthetic package where the luxurious and elegant character of the vehicle is highlighted. An aesthetic that, at first glance, does not foreshadow that we can be facing a real missile with more than 1,000 horsepower. With the aesthetic package ‘Stealth’ the brand responds to the demands of a sportier appearance for this model.

The Stealth Look takes its name from stealth aircraft (or stealth, for their ability to be virtually undetectable to enemy radar). As far as we know, the Lucid Air will continue to be detectable by both radar and the human eye, and its sinister appearance may even draw more attention to it. According to Lucid, this package affects 35 foreign components.

Among the most visible changes are the Glass Canopy’s mirror caps and roof rails, which feature a darker Stealth finish. The lower body elements as well as the trim surrounding the Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlamps and taillamps also feature a new darker satin-finish finish.

Lucid Air with Stealth Look cosmetic package

The decorative parts that would normally be finished in platinum (which is not the same as being made of that material), in this case have a finish in polished black Stealth Polished, which uses a polishing technique similar to that used in fine watchmaking and jewelry. They have this finish blade the front hood (the strip above the headlights), the C-pillar moldings and door trims, and the interior trim. Elsewhere, gloss black accents and satin graphite finish are also used.

Interestingly, the Stealth Look package can be combined with the entire exterior color palette: Stellar White, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, Zenith Red and of course Infinity Black. There are two wheel options (depending on model variant): 20-inch Aero Lite Stealth wheels and 21-inch Aero Sport wheels, both with satin black inserts.

The Stealth Look will be available as an option for the Air Grand Touring Performance, Air Grand Touring and Air Touring, all three versions of the model. The package price is $6,000 and its launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Let us remember that the Lucid Air has already begun to be sold in Germany and in the coming months it will be landing in more European markets, including Spain. It will be available with all three versions, with autonomy between 653 and 845 kilometers, and a price yet to be determined. It can already be reserved for 300 euros (Air Pure) or 900 euros (Air Touring and Air Grand Touring).

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