Lotus expects to sell 100,000 electric cars by 2028

Lotus hopes to carry out a complete landing of 100% electric models in the coming years. Generally, this has been a brand where its presence was focused on light and sports vehicles, a very specific niche after all. However, the arrival of electrification has meant a significant change for this historic English brand and, therefore, they are preparing to launch several more commercial vehicles. The first to arrive was the Lotus Eletre, a huge electric SUV, while new models will soon arrive at the brand. with all of them, from Lotus they estimate that they could register around 100,000 vehicles a year by the year 2028.

Lotus was looking for a resounding change of third, a movement that they have recently started with the presentation of the Lotus Eletre, the first electric SUV in its history. The acquisition of the brand by Geely had enormous consequences for the English company, as it provided new investment opportunities and focus on new products. With its well-formulated roadmap for the coming years, the company aspires to be able to sell more than 100,000 vehicles annually by the end of this decade. If we compare it with the figures given by huge manufacturers such as Toyota or the Volkswagen Group, which are around 10 million annually, the truth is that Lotus’ estimate can be presented as quite logical, after all.

So that we continue to put this estimate in context with today, Last year 2021, Lotus reached a production of 1,710 cars, when they had not yet made the leap to electrification or the presentation of their new SUV. Since the founding of the English firm in 1948, it took 70 years to reach the 100,000th vehicle produced, which was a red Lotus Evora that rolled off the production line in 2018. This figure results in a average annual production of 1,400 vehicles. That is, the average estimated by Lotus from the year 2028 can be a shock to the brand, since they have never reaped such levels of sales and manufacturing.

New electric models will arrive later, such as the Type 135 sports car
New electric models will arrive later, such as the Type 135 sports car

In the words of Matt Windle himself, managing director of the company, the launch of its new vehicles will give a significant boost to the general interest in the brand, as well as in the acquisition of its vehicles. The Lotus Eletre will soon be joined by new alternatives in the range, as a smaller SUV, a sports saloon or a sports car inheriting the original concept of the Lotus Elise. All of them will come under the umbrella of pure electrification, something that, according to the manager himself, has been and will be what really captivates the average customer of the brand.

The Lotus Eletre is expected to start its price at around 100,000 euros when it hits the market in 2023. Its main assets will be to offer itself as an electric alternative to the Porsche Cayenne. Its capabilities will be sporty, as it will be able to run from 0 to 100 in just 3 seconds and reach a top speed of 260 km/h. Despite the fact that this is a vehicle that does not match Lotus’s historical dogma, the truth is that after presenting its weight figures, it is shown as a fairly light alternative to what we could expect from such a car.

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