Lotus’ electric saloon will be the most luxurious model in the brand’s history

Lotus prepares the landing of a complete range of electric cars. Sports cars, SUVs or sedans; the company’s proposal will cover many fronts, although its so-called Type 133 will be made with the honor of being the most luxurious model launched in the entire history of the British brand. It will hit the market in 2024, although all its details are expected to be published throughout the next year 2023.

The Lotus Type 133 will be the first sedan for Lotus since the arrival of the Lotus Carlton, Lotus Omega or Vauxhall Lotus Carlton (the names varied depending on the market). This was withdrawn in 1992 and, since then, the British firm has not ventured into this segment again, until now.

Lotus’s new electric sedan hopes to put other competing models in serious trouble, such as the Porsche Taycan (mainly), the Audi e-tron GT or the Mercedes-Benz EQE. All of them with an enormous value proposition focused on dynamism, aesthetics and luxury.

During a recent interview with the managing director of Lotus, Matt Windle, he was thoroughly asked about the possibility of the Lotus Type 133 positioning itself as a “recarried” version of the Polestar 5, since both firms share a car group: Geely. To this, the manager replied that both models will share certain elements or components, but the individuality of each of them “is guaranteed”.

The Lotus electric saloon will be a rival to beat for the Porsche Taycan
The Lotus electric saloon will be a rival to beat for the Porsche Taycan

The polestar 5 was recently presented with an electrical mechanics of 884 hp, an architecture that the Lotus model could adopt; however, Matt Windle stated during his exposition that the Lotus will be a vehicle destined for a more refined and luxurious approachmore than in the high performance or “heart attack figures”, although he did not rule out that an alternative with this level of power finally did arrive.

On the comparison between Polestar and Lotus, the executive stated that working with Geely generates a series of benefits, both economic and component, although the capacity for freedom is complete for each company, since “we continue to work with our supply companies and different suppliers ”.

As for the possible design of the Lotus electric saloon, Windle confirmed that this has already been revealed to numerous global dealers, who have shown enormous excitement about it due to its groundbreaking line. The final name that the model will end up taking is also a mystery, although it is known that it will start with “E”, like its brother in the range, the Lotus Eletre.

Lotus has focused all its design potential on introduce the Type 133 as the biggest rival to beat for the Porsche Taycan. Its image will come from the hand of some common appendages with the Eletre, although this model “will take its own path”.

The model will begin its commercialization with the same 600 hp mechanics as the one released in the Eletre. This will give the Type 133 a whole range of possibilities for new power variants, both above and below it. However, the model will integrate solutions that, as we have already mentioned, provide greater smoothness and driving comfort, over and above sports performance (which, of course, it will also have, although on a smaller scale). Air suspension adjustable in stiffness, active roll control, steered rear axle or high levels of technology regarding comfort, will be some of the elements that will make the Lotus Type 133 one of the most luxurious and comfortable models on the current electric market.

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