Look no further, this is the rarest electric vehicle you’ll see today: the BeTriton amphibian

Imagination has no limits. Every day we discover strange objects of dubious utility that never cease to amaze us. Today we know something that is difficult to define. An electric bike? A van? An amphibious vehicle? All in one. From Latvia comes the BeTritona very unusual option for those looking to have a different vacation or get anywhere without getting off their bike.

Formerly known as Z-Triton, the BeTriton is hard to define. Try to respond to different problems and needs. In a not at all discreet format, the Latvian creation is made on an aluminum frame and a fiberglass hull, despite this its weight reaches 250 kilograms empty. A whole mobile home that it can get into the water and circulate at a more than modest top speed of 5 kilometers per hour. The BeTriton will take you wherever you want, but without rushing.

In its cabin there is room for two adults.

Electric and solar amphibious bicycle. With the length of a small utility vehicle (3.95 meters long), the versatile creation is capable of introducing state-of-the-art systems. Hidden under the meticulous fiberglass hull is a small battery and an electric motor that allow reaching amaximum autonomy of about 50 kilometers by land and about 20 kilometers by water. The electric motor provides pedal assistance, otherwise it would take a lot of effort to move the BeTriton’s inconspicuous size.

This three-wheeled amphibious vehicle can be considered the smallest motorhome in the world. In its small and narrow space, just 94 centimeters wide, there is room for two adults. With an extendable passenger compartment, passengers can enjoy little comforts on their adventures. Outlets where you can connect your mobile, air conditioning system or tables where you can have a drink while the batteries are charged by the action of small solar panels installed on the roof.

The BeTriton is now available for all those adventurous explorers who want to get their services. The company is responsible for sending it anywhere in the world, although they themselves recognize that it would be best to try it before buying it. To do this, they work to be able to move units to various points so that potential buyers have the opportunity to meet them in person before making the decision whether to buy this bicycle-caravan-amphibious.

If you are interested, you should know that orders are already accepted. Not to mention specific delivery times, the price of the BeTriton amounts to 14,500 euros, without VAT and without shipping costs. We are talking about 18,000 euros in total that are not at all affordable and popular. At the end of the day, that is the price to pay for such a unique and different vehicle. There is nothing like it in the world.

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