Link&Co presents The Next Day, a hybrid grand tourer that anticipates the future of the brand

On the occasion of a conference recently held by Link&Cothe Chinese firm has presented the The Next Day, a concept hybrid car with electric grand tourer proportions with which they want to anticipate the features of their future models.

This is indicated even by the name of the prototype, which translates from English as “the next day”, literally. The Chinese manufacturer has described The Next Day as a “four-door electric GT”, and as much as the exterior is quite the claim, what is truly striking is inside, where a yoke-type steering wheel emerges from the dashboard housing a small screen in the center of it, while the rest of the dashboard houses a large-format horizontal screen. Another striking element is the floating center console.

Despite the futuristic and non-organic exterior design of The Next Day, the Link&Co designers have managed to transfer some features of their street models to the body of the concept model so that it shows common ties with them.

Lynk&Co The Next Day2
Lynk&Co The Next Day.

Among them, the front light signature, which is delegated to the headlights that find a place on the hood, while at the rear a LED bar crosses the print from one side to the other, with a double line of LEDs on each side serving as the optical group.

The bodywork of the Lynk&Co The Next Day is a compendium of marked edges and vertices, and is complemented by orange-accented wheels (a color that also extends to the interior carpet), side skirts, a diffuser and an aggressive front bumper. It also uses gull-wing type doors to access the passenger compartment, and uses four instead of two, with the rear ones facing each other to access the rear row of seats, an unprecedented solution to date.

As with any conceptual model, the Lynk&Co The Next Day wants to anticipate the features of the next models of the Chinese brand. Despite this, it is not a 100% electric car, but rather has a propulsion system that the brand calls E Motive, and that it is made up of a gasoline engine that moves the front wheels and another electric one that powers the rear wheels, so for practical purposes it is a hybrid capable of operating in 100% electric mode.

Lynk&Co The Next Day3
The Lynk&Co The Next Day uses opposing gull-wing doors to access the rear row, an unprecedented solution to date.

Being part of the Geely conglomerate, it is impossible to ignore that there is another company in the consortium that has recently presented a GT-type electric car. Is about Polestar and of polestar 5a model whose final design has recently been leaked to the European patent office.

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