Lidl sells one of the cheapest electric bicycles in all of Spain

Lidl has in the Zündapp Z101 one of the most interesting folding electric bicycles of all those marketed in Spain, and it does not do so because of a technical sheet that highlights the capacity of the battery or its components, but because of its price, since there are few models of this condition that are marketed for a price of less than 1,000 euros in Spain.

More specifically, the Zündapp Z101 has a price in Spain of €799.99and can only be purchased through the Lidl online store on its website.

It is a model that from the beginning has been designed to be affordable and practical above any other premise, and this is attested to by the concept around which it is articulated. Measuring 40 centimeters wide, 79 high and 91 long, it is a folding electric bicycle that seeks to adapt to needs of those who don’t have enough space to store a full-size bike.

As in any electric bicycle, it is of special interest to know the numbers that its assisted pedaling scheme boasts. This is made up of a battery that is located in the largest crossbar of the frame, made of aluminum, and an electric motor that, as is customary in an affordable electric bicycle, is located in the hub of the rear wheel.

lidl electric bike
Zundapp Z101.

The first has a capacity of 270 Wh, which is a measured figure for the 20 kilos that the bicycle weighs in total, and will need a total of between 5 and 6 hours for a full charge in a domestic socket.

The electric motor, meanwhile, adheres to the 250 W of maximum nominal power allowed by the European framework regulations. With this, the store does not declare up to what maximum speed the Zündapp Z101 will assist the cyclist, but they do announce that with a full battery charge it will be able to travel up to 65 kilometers. An optimistic distance that will only be achieved, if at all, in the least assisted mode.

The rest of the components that take center stage in the technical sheet are also affordable, although as they come from leading manufacturers in the sector they do provide guarantees. The main highlights are the mechanical shoe brake system manufactured by the specialist Tektro, as well as a transmission signed by the renowned Shimano, 7-speed Tourney model.

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