Lexus outlines its future range of electric: “We are not excluding anything”

Lexus will have a complete range of electric models in the coming years. The Japanese firm will be fully electric at the end of this decade, but what range will they have? Last December they showed a whole range made up of up to 30 models of all kinds -along with Toyota cars- which will hit the market in the coming years. However, this will not be during the first wave of electric cars; in a recent interview with Spiros Fotinos, director of Lexus Europe, he admitted that in the first wave of electric they will play it safe, with segments that they already know well.

It is clear that Lexus hopes to put a diverse range of electric models on the market in the coming years, in which, mainly, there will be SUV-type alternatives. In fact, during the aforementioned exhibition of future models, no one can deny the strong interest in this segment, making clear the fact of its enormous influence in the current market.

In addition to the aforementioned SUVs, Lexus also hopes to launch other alternative models, as an electric supercar, which would be a direct descendant of the superlative Lexus LFA; but an electric saloon will also arrive to stand up to the Tesla Model 3. Of these we already had proof, but what will come next? From Lexus they do not close the door to any other type of bodybut its European director does admit that before launching into unknown waters, they will do the same with vehicles that already know how they will work in the old continent market.

In their plans is to enter new segments for them, such as sedans, compact or supercars
Their plans include entering new segments for them, such as sedans, compact cars or supercars.

Spiros Fotinos has admitted that its range of electric vehicles will be dominated by SUVs during the first wave of launches; however, the manager assures that Lexus is working on alternative body types that may allow it to offer a wider range of models, as well as fulfill its own growth ambitions in Europe beyond raised body models, as confirmed by Fotinos itself.

However, despite the fact that Lexus is apparently working on all kinds of models, they have not closed the door to a new arrival of the Lexus CT either, the compact hybrid that the company launched more than a decade ago. However, once again, the manager emphasized that they will first delve into volume models and segments in Europe, since the first thing will be to think about the profitability of the electrical investment made, while later they will investigate new environments until now not released, such as electric supercars or electric compacts.

Finally, during the exhibition held by Spiros Fotinos, the director admitted that the Japanese firm already has its sights set beyond the exclusive and intensive use of the new Toyota’s e-TNGA platform. This leads directly to the fact that if the brand wants to land in very varied segments, they will have to look beyond the use of this platform exclusively, which they consider a good starting point but insufficient to deal with all vehicles. electrical to come.

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