Lampsy: this is the Spanish electric scooter that will cost 8,000 euros

lamspy is a Spanish Spanish start-up that aims to launch an exclusive electric scooter whose price will be up to 8,000 euros. It will be called the same as the company itself, Lampsy, and justifies its price in a design that will set itself apart from the current offer and materials, features and technology typical of high-end electric cars. However, at the moment it is just a project that has to find financial viability in order to bring the Lampsy to production.

As pointed out by the founder of the start-up, José Luís Pérez, in a statement that includes The vanguardso far the project has gone ahead thanks to an investment of 950,000 euros by the founder himself and 500,000 euros more that he has raised in a first round of investment, to which a second round will shortly be added that will contribute another million euros to establish by complete the company, which currently employs twelve workers.

While it is true that the model may vary slightly before becoming a production model, lThe company wants the lines of the Lampsy to be consistent with its price. The design of the platform stands out, finished in beech wood, and with a protuberance at the end of it, it acts as a tail, integrating a light and positioning itself on the rear wheel.


In addition to wood, noble materials such as carbon fiber, aircraft-grade aluminum and hand-stitched leather for handlebar grips. The design of this also promises to set a point apart with respect to the rest of the electric scooters that we know, since it will house a control panel with more information than that of many scooters and motorcycles. It will have a support to attach our mobile phone and needles to indicate the speed and power that the engine delivers at all times.

However, the most striking thing about the dashboard is that through two screens it will reflect what happens behind the scooter when it is circulatedthanks to two cameras stationed at the ends of each fist that will act as a rear-view mirror.

The technological deployment does not stop there, since Lampsy promises endless accessories. Among many other things, stand out fingerprint unlockultrasonic detectors in the front area (which allow warning of possible collisions with obstacles or people in front of the vehicle), motorized mast folding system, hydraulic disc brakes and ADAS system.

The company says that it has two patents in progress at European level, and one of them has to do with its suspension, since the Lampsy will enjoy a suspension system that through a carbon fiber sheet will combine the front with the rear.

Lampsy handle and control panel.
Lampsy handlebars and dashboard.

If it reaches production, not only its price will make it an exclusive product, since the company will allow each client to customize the factory electric scooter, being able to print their name or logo on its bodywork in case of being a company, since In addition to targeting the luxury market, they also intend to enter into dealing with companies that act on large surfaces such as airports, shopping centers or hotels.

At the moment the company has not disclosed data regarding its electrical scheme (power or autonomy) but they do hope to be able to market it in a range of prices between 6,000 and 8,000 euros. Lamspy hopes to have the first prototype finished during these days at the end of March, and to be able to start its production before the end of the year.

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