Lamborghini “Scrambled”: we already know the name of the first hybrid that Lamborghini will mass-produce

Lamborghini has registered a new name under its domain, and given the current situation of the Italian manufacturer and the meaning of the name itself, it could be the name that finally takes place in one of its upcoming hybrid cars. And it is that Lamborghini has taken over the rights to the name “Scrambled”.

Lamborghini has before it the complicated task of electrifying a range of sports cars, and it has to do it gradually, as they previously confirmed with the presentation of their plan ‘Direction Cor Tauri’ (Towards Cor Tauri), which is essentially the roadmap that Lamborghini will follow for the decarbonisation of its future models, and which determines some very specific steps to follow in the coming years.

The roadmap specified that its first two phases consisted of first paying homage to the internal combustion engine and then welcoming hybrid schemes into its range in series production models in 2023while a 100% electric car is not expected for at least half of this decade.

Everything indicates that the first hybrid mass-produced by the bull brand will be called Lamborghini Revuelta.
Everything indicates that the first hybrid mass-produced by the bull brand will be called Lamborghini Revuelta.

And it is precisely in the second phase where the new name comes into play, since although the application filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office by Lamborghini refers specifically to electric cars, the truth is that due to the meaning of the registered denomination it is expected that we find “Scrambled” a gasoline engine and an electrical system.

At the moment there are many doubts about this next Lamborghini model, but what the Italian brand has made clear is that it will not be a radical sports car like the Huracán and Aventador that are currently in its range, nor will it be an SUV, such as the Urus, which has become its particular best seller. Another possibility that is being considered is that this is the name that Lamborghini uses to refer to the models in its range that use a hybrid scheme, although it is the one that charges the least force.

Be that as it may, the truth is that Lamborghini needs this model to arrive as soon as possible, since its rivals already manufacture and market this type of car in series, mainly Ferrari, which far from marketing a single model already has two plug-in hybrids in its range, the Ferrari 296 GTB and the SF90 Stradale, both also available in “Spider” bodywork, convertible type.

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