Lamborghini buys a Ferrari to “spy” the plug-in hybrid technology of its eternal rival

Although not always publicly disclosed, all manufacturers spy on competing models. It is what is known as reverse engineering and, essentially, it consists of discovering how the rivals and their technology are made. Something that Lamborghini seems to be doing with its eternal rival, Ferrari, to prepare its next plug-in hybrid supercar.

In recent days, a Ferrari SF90 Stradale has been seen entering and leaving the Lamborghini factory, driven by different brand employees who have come out to test it around the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory. And no, it’s not that someone has gotten lost or that they are dissatisfied with their own cars, but that they are trying scrutinize where the competition is going.

A Ferrari SF90 Stradale leaving the Lamborghini factory (and passing a Lamborghini entering).

Lamborghini already works in the successor to the Aventador, a supercar that will have a plug-in hybrid system -the same type of propulsion used by the Ferrari SF90 Stradale-. The successor to the Aventador will arrive in 2023 and will use batteries, discarding the supercapacitors that Lamborghini tested in the Sián.

The successor to the Aventador will still have a V12 gasoline engine as main drive but it will be supported by electricity. At the moment the technical details of this model are unknown: neither the number of electric motors, nor its power, much less the performance of its battery. What does seem clear is that the power should notably exceed 800 horses. The last Aventador had 780 horsepower extracted solely from the gasoline engine, so the plug-in hybrid could easily approach a thousand horsepower, or even exceed that figure.

In recent days, the SF90 Stradale has passed through the hands of various Lamborghini employees.

Thus, Lamborghini has bought a plug-in hybrid Ferrari SF90 Stradale and everything indicates that it is thoroughly examining it, both dynamically and technologically. Sooner or later, Lamborghini will look (if it hasn’t already) under the body to scrutinize its rival’s plug-in hybrid system. Recall that the hybrid system of the Ferrari is made up of a 3.9-liter V8 biturbo engine with 780 hp, three electric motors (two on the front axle and one at the rear), an eight-speed gearbox and a battery. of 7.9 kWh. Total power reaches 1,000 hp, which allows it to do 0-200 km/h in just 6.5 seconds.

As we said, this maneuver of “spying” on the competition is common among manufacturers. One of the last cases we were aware of involved a Lucid Air at Tesla facilities. Despite Tesla’s dominant position in the market, it also doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a look at one of the newer electric car manufacturers with more advanced technology.

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