Lamborghini awaits the arrival of synthetic fuels before full electrification

The last hope for Lamborghini before definitively giving up thermal engines, for which they have been characterized throughout its history, passes through the approval of the arrival of calls synthetic fuels as a ‘zero emissions’ alternative. This sustainable fuel could give Lamborghini the opportunity they are waiting for before proclaiming an exact date for the complete electrification of its range in the coming years.

The Volkswagen Group, the business conglomerate that currently owns the Italian firm, has invested more than 100,000 million euros in the development and manufacturing processes for its electric cars; however, in recent statements by Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, he has expressed that the brand will be patient before declaring the next complete electrification for the companysince they see in synthetic fuels a last hope to continue with the development and production of vehicles with thermal mechanics.

Lamborghini’s wait goes through the approval by the executive of the European Union of said fuels. This, according to Winkelmann, means that he still cannot foresee that Lamborghini will end up moving to the complete electrification of its range. Nevertheless, the CEO still believes that it is early to determine the possible purpose of thermal enginessince the European government gave niche manufacturers additional time for their total conversion, that is, Lamborghini should meet this goal by the year 2036 if the arrival of synthetic fuels is not finally approved.

The new generation of Lamborghini models will be supported by electrification

“We don’t need to decide now. We still have the opportunity to enter the market for synthetic fuels in these types of cars, ”said Winkelmann during his presentation. “Nevertheless, if finally this does not happen, Lamborghini will be a completely electric company from the 2030s at the latest”, he pointed out.

At the moment, Lamborghini has no plans to completely give up its heat engines, at least in the medium term. Nevertheless, This will not be a determining reason why the firm of the bull is not directing its next models with the new engine technology supported by electrification.. A few hours ago, the possible presentation of the plug-in hybrid variant of the Lamborghini Urus in the coming weeks was made public. This will also be followed by a new generation of the Lamborghini Huracán under the same electrified underpinnings; as will happen with the replacement for the Aventador. The firm will also launch a 100% electric model in 2025.

Lamborghini’s approach to future synthetic fuels is positioned parallel to Porsche’s plans. Oliver Blume, CEO of the German company, specified a few weeks ago that the estimate for the price per liter of this fuel would be less than 2 euros in Europe, although this would depend on its production level. This type of fuel is totally sustainable, since it does not emit carbon gases in its use or in its manufacture.

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