Lamborghini announces a new investment for the hybridization of its models

In the coming years, a generational change will be seen in the mechanics of Lamborghini’s Italian sports cars, which will abandon the pure combustion engine scheme and begin to adopt electrical systems on different scales. Now, in a recent intervention by the CEO of the brand, Stephan Winkelmann, a new economic investment made by the brand for the development of the new hybrid sports models.

In recent statements by Mitja Borkert, head of design at Lamborghini, it was learned that the next generation of Lamborghini hybrids will continue to present completely radical designs and look like a “spaceship”, as the person in charge himself called it. Although this will not be the first time that the Italian firm has used such an electrical solution to reduce CO2 gas emissions, as well as to reduce the consumption figure of these high-performance cars, since models such as the Lamborghini Sián or the Lamborghini Countach have already done the same on their blocks; however, these are limited edition models, while the new hybrids that are to come will be mass-produced.

Stephan Winkelmann, in the recent intervention mentioned above, mentioned the recent movement by the brand in invest a total of 1.8 billion euros to develop and produce a line of hybrid vehicles by 2024. Added to this generous economic amount are the 1,500 million euros already deposited last year 2021 for the generational and mechanical update of its current models, Aventador, Huracán and Urus.

Some models already launched by Lamborghini have a hybrid architecture
Some models already launched by Lamborghini have a hybrid architecture, such as the Countach or the Sián

According to the plans shared by the company itself, the current gasoline blocks that make up the entire range of Lamborghini vehicles will be completed with electric solutions in their entirety by the end of 2024. Presumably, most of them will have plug-in hybrid variants, which means a greater role for electricity, as well as the possibility of traveling in purely electric mode for several kilometers. The hybrid vehicles already launched by the company (Sián and Countach) did not use this technology, but their electrification was based on a support electric motor that increased the response of the combustion engine by 10%.

The CEO of the company, during his presentation, has hinted that this will not be the last time that new investments by Lamborghini are known in order to electrify its range of models, because, later, It will also join an “important economic award” for the development and manufacture of its first fully electric vehiclewhich will presumably appear next year 2025. All this investment in the mechanical update of Lamborghini will suppose “the largest investment in history” of the brand, according to Winkelmann himself.

As is already the case with its main rival brands, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin or McLaren, the investment being made in the development and production of electric or electrified models is high. However, this is presented as an unavoidable step for these if their long-term forecast is to continue with sales in Europe beyond the year 2035, the date on which the sale of thermal vehicles will be prohibited in the region of the old continent. .

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