KYMCO holds the key to Harley-Davidson’s 125-equivalent electric motorcycle

Everything indicates that KYMCO will be in charge of manufacturing the next Livewire electric motorcycle, the still young division of Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles that has just presented the Livewire S2 del Mar, the most affordable model to date of the two that have released.

With a starting price that will be above 15,000 US dollarsthe Livewire S2 Del Mar is positioned as the affordable alternative to the Livewire One, Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, although it is not exactly an accessible motorcycle in general terms.

Due to its characteristics and its starting price, then, the Livewire moves away from the segment to which a large part of the European public expected Harley-Davidson to go, that of electric equivalent to 125, although the brand has returned to an affordable model on the table when commenting that partnership with KYMCO will be key to entering this competitive market niche.

It was during the presentation of the Livewire S2 Del Mar that the head of design and technology of the brand, Vance Strader, stated that the S2 Del Mar will be followed by an “S3” model that they are already working on.

New Livewire S2 Del Mar, the electric motorcycle "cheaper" from Harley-Davidson.
New Livewire S2 Del Mar, the “cheapest” electric motorcycle from Harley-Davidson.

He also added that a key strategic partner in the future of the model will be KYMCO, since the resources available to the Taiwanese firm in Asia will allow the Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle division to produce models with lower costs. And we must remember that thanks to an investment of 100 million euros KYMCO owns 4% of Livewire shares.

Turning to the Taiwanese manufacturer, after all, and for the type of motorcycles that KYMCO currently produces and markets throughout the world, will allow Livewire to offer a more affordable product than the first two they have brought to marketThis being presumably a lighter electric motorcycle, less powerful and therefore more competitive with respect to the competition, which will also allow them to reach a wider range of public.

Whether or not it ends up being an electric motorcycle that, due to technical characteristics, is equivalent to a 125 gasoline, remains to be seen, but If Harley-Davidson wants to have a successful commercial model in the Old Continent, they should launch a model of this type. Husqvarna, for example, is about to unveil its first two electric motorcycles, and they will come in the form of an electric scooter with moped performance (the Husqvarna Vektorr) and a Honda CB125R-like concept electric motorcycle (the Husqvarna E-bike). pilen).

Livewire Del Mar S2 electric.
Livewire Del Mar S2 electric.

At the moment, and considering the launch of the Livewire S2 Del Mar in the United States, it can be said that the public in the local Harley-Davidson market was eagerly awaiting a more affordable model than the electric Livewire One, since the first 100 units that The motorcycle under the special launch edition will be manufactured and sold out in 18 minutes. In Europe, by contrast, the Harley-Davidson Livewire barely enjoys testimonial sales because of a price of more than 30,000 euros.

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