KPF Argento, a design electric scooter that already has a price in Spain

Pininfarina is an Italian coachbuilding company whose main focus of work is centered around the automotive world, where it continues to launch great designs to this day. Now, for the first time, Pininfarina outlines the lines of an electric scooter, the KPF Argentoa model that will be available from this April.

The model in question is the result of the collaboration between Pininfarina itself and Platumwhich is the electric mobility firm through which MT Distribution markets its products.

Designing an electric scooter from scratch and making it stand out from the competition is one of the most complicated tasks when facing a project of this type, since the structure and appearance of a scooter leaves little room for improvisation to differentiate it from the rest.


That is why the Italian company has provided the KPF Argento with lines more suggestive than what we are used to seeing on scooters, above all, is its platform and the rear part of it, which even resembles the tail of a motorcycle thanks to the taillight, which sports a 3D design. This, in addition, is accompanied by the graphic design pattern that they have printed on their platform.

According to Pininfarina itself, the dynamic section has been fine-tuned paying special attention to functionality and transportability, as well as dynamism on the road with a special focus on safety.

Its technical part, as usual, is designed to adhere to European regulations. The chassis, made of aluminum, is specifically designed for the three driving modes: eco, up to kilometers per hour for use in pedestrian areas, normal, which reaches 20 kilometers per hour, and sport, whose maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour.

It has not specified the power brand of its electric motor or battery capacity, but it does detail that the autonomy With a full charge it can be up to 40 kilometersstanding slightly above the average of what is usual among electric scooters.


Since the main market for MT Distribution is Europe, the electric mobility firm has already announced the price for this market, where it will be available in exchange for €599. It will only be possible to opt for the silver color of the images. It is thus at the height of other electric scooters that promise to be at the forefront of its segment in our market, such as the NIU KQi3 Pro.

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