Kimoa E-Bike, the carbon electric bicycle created by Fernando Alonso’s brand

In 2017, Fernando Alonso founded the brand kimoa, which until now had clothes, hats, sunglasses and other accessories for sale, and which operates in 150 countries around the world through its electronic store. Now, and for the first time, it adds a different product to the catalog. The electric bike Kimoa E-Bikemade of carbon, versatile and with a groundbreaking design, is ready to be present during the next Formula 1 Grand Prix to be held in Miami.

There is a reason why Kimoa had to add an electric bike to his offer: Fernando Alonso is passionate about cycling. In August 2021, he surprised everyone on Twitter by recounting his six hour run alone to travel 160 kilometers at an average speed of almost 30 km/h. It was only a matter of time before his store offered a product like this.

Kimoa E-bike electric bicycle fernando alonso-interior1
The Kimoa E-Bike electric bicycle is made of carbon fiber using 3D printing

How is the electric bicycle offered by Kimoa? At first glance, the aesthetics of the bicycle brings to mind an already known one. Its design is very similar to that of the famous Superstrata. The reason is that the team Arevo, the Californian Silicon Valley startup that created it, is the same one that has been commissioned to design the Kimoa E-Bike. With offices also in Japan and Vietnam, its fame precedes it thanks to its component and frame manufacturing processes.

The Superstrata electric bicycle is the clear inspiration for Fernando Alonso’s Kimoa E-Bike.

Arevo uses carbon fiber to create all those elements, and the whole process is done by 3d print. That same printed carbon fiber is now part of each and every component of the Kimoa E-Bike. One of the advantages of this manufacturing technique is that the inherent customization of 3D printing allows future owners of a Kimoa to buy a machine “custom built” for your body.

The result is a carbon fiber frame with smooth and continuous shapes in which, as distinctive features, the vertical tube that usually houses the seat post is eliminated. A feature that already defined the Superstrata and that is also present in the German Urwahn bicycles, which, in this case, are made of steel.

The Kimoa E-Bike also supports various types of handlebars and wheelswhich could mean that Kimoa has decided to make her a versatile electric bike. It may be used for highwaybut also like a bicycle urban or gravel. Although its electrical configuration has not been revealed, it is to be expected that the motor that is located in a central position on the bottom bracket axis offers the usual 250 W of power and 25 km/h of speed maximum assistance, as required by the EPAC regulations. The battery that powers it will be capable of providing this energy for almost 90 kilometers (55 miles), more than enough for all the uses mentioned.

Kimoa E-bike electric bicycle fernando alonso-interior2
The Kimoa E-Bike also supports various types of handlebars and wheels, which could mean that Kimoa has decided to make it a versatile electric bike.

Kimoa also wants his electric bikes to be as affordable as possible, within what can be expected from a vehicle with its characteristics. The selling price will be around 4,000 dollars (3,745 euros). Although it is a fairly large amount for an electric bicycle, Kimoa adds the wireless updates for herwhich will help each of them become an improved vehicle.

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