Kids Evolution, Cake’s program to teach children to drive an electric motorcycle

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer Cake has added three new models to your offer, this time aimed at the youngest. It’s about a evolutionary program which is designed to teach children to handle themselves in the world of two wheels. The Kids Evolution is made up of the Ready Balance Bike, Steady Mountain Bike, and Go Off-Road Electric Motorcycle.

“Learning to ride a bike is a must before you even think about riding anything with a motor,” says Cake CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn. “The joy and excitement, skill development, balance and control is the common platform, no matter where the road takes them.” Before you start to enter the world of two wheels, a previous education is necessary “It’s also about responsibility and anxiety control, step by step, trust and safe thinking for children and parents are key,” he adds.

The three models from Cake’s Kids Evolution program they have been designed to help young cyclists learn the basics of getting on a two-wheeler, from the age of two to eight years and older.

The series begins with a “trust builder” in the form of the Ready Kick balance bike. This model does not have a motor, but it is designed to show future cyclists the concept of riding on two wheels, learning all the coordination and balance skills that must accompany them before moving on to use pedals. It uses an aluminum alloy frame on 12-inch aluminum rims with 2.25-inch thick Innova tires. It dispenses with the brakes, which are left for the next stage of learning. Cake Ready is priced at 225 euros Y It is already on sale through the manufacturer’s website.

Cake Kids Evolution bikes electric motorcycles-indoor 2
Cake’s two bikes teach balance, pedaling and braking.

The Cake Steady single speed mountain bike It also doesn’t work with a motor, but it serves as the next evolutionary step of the program: use the pedals. It also features a 6061 aluminum alloy frame mounted on 16-inch wheels with 2.5-inch thick Innova tires. V-brakes both front and rear with short-travel levers. It is aimed at children 3.5 years and older, and It has a price on the Cake website of 400 euros.

Once kids have mastered the Ready and Steady models, it’s time to take it up a notch (or two) and move on to the electric off-road bike. Gowhich is designed for children of six years and older. His design looks a lot like a mini version of Cake’s Kalk electric motorcycles. The parent or guardian can decide how much power the electric motor releases since it is adjustable from the 600W up to 1.5kWwith which it reaches up to 40km/h. A LiNiCoMn battery that works at 48 V and 8.8 Ah, that is, with a capacity of 422Wh, offers approximately one hour of driving. To recover all its autonomy, it must remain four hours connected to a domestic plug.

Cake Kids Evolution bikes electric motorcycles-indoor 3
The Cake Go is intended for ages six and up with a design that closely resembles a mini version of Cake’s Kalk electric motorcycles.

Its frame is configured with chrome-molybdenum steel tubes that are complemented by fairing panels and plastic fenders. The seat height is 640 mm. It has a system of full suspension formed by a front hydraulic fork with 95 mm of travel and a rear gas shock absorber with 125 mm of travel. It includes hydraulic brakes front and rear including a energy recovery system which is reintroduced into the battery. The front wheel is 14 x 1.6 inches and the rear is 12 x 1.85 inches. The tires with the Michelin Starcross MH3.

Cake Kids Evolution bikes electric motorcycles-indoor 1
“You have to learn to walk before you can run, and you have to master your balance before you start messing with the throttle.” Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of Cake.

The price of the Cake Go is 3,500 euros, according to the manufacturer’s websitewhich also offers the possibility of signing a financing that establishes a fee of 146 euros per month for 24 months.

“As a parent, I have been surprised and unsettled by the latest motorized off-road bikes for kids that have hit the market,” explains Ytterborn. “With the Cake line of bikes, we want to excite young riders and emphasize safety. You have to learn to walk before you run, and you have to master your balance before you start messing with the throttle.”

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