Kia will develop its own network of ultra-fast chargers for electric cars in Spain

The CEO of Kia Iberia, Eduardo Divarhas criticized the bureaucratic obstacles that companies face when developing the recharging infrastructure in Spain.

This has been indicated in the presentation of the new Kia Sportage, where it has indicated that the average term, currently, to install a recharging point amounts to about eight months.

Since Kia will develop a network of ultra-fast chargers, so that the firm will place 40 chargers at “strategic” points on the Peninsula with uninterrupted hours seven days a week. “Every 100 kilometers there should be an ultra-fast charger,” explained Dívar.

Initially, 39 chargers of 150 kilowatt-hours (kWh) will be established and one of them will have a power of 350 kWh. Later, the 150 kWh chargers can be expanded to 350 kWh. Going forward, Kia plans to increase points for this network.

“We started the applications last September and we hope to have the first one operational by next October,” the manager stressed.

Likewise, in the ultra-fast recharge network it will be possible to pay by credit card and the company estimates that the price will be between 0.45 or 0.6 euros per kilowatt. Also, will be open to customers of other brands.

On the other hand, Kia already has a recharging network in its dealerships with 217 chargers. 29% of them 50 kWh, 34% 25 kWh and 37% 7.7 kWh. This network is subject to commercial network hours.

In the same way, Dívar pointed out that Kia collaborates with Endesa to facilitate the transition to electric mobility for its customers, helping them to install recharging points in their homes. The price amounts to 1,500 euros and they are eligible for aid from the Moves III plan.

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