KIA shows the sketches that advance the facelift of the XCeed 2023

The KIA XCeed will receive a mid-cycle update that will hit the market in the coming months, although its official presentation will take place on July 18. In this way, one of the most successful models of the Korean firm will bring with it an aesthetic and mechanical revision, where its plug-in hybrid alternative will represent a prominent role in the range. As a preview prior to his coming-out, KIA has shown two sketches of the exterior of the model which are more than illustrative.

With this publication, KIA does not hide which will be the new appendages that the renewed KIA XCeed will have or where it will focus its mid-cycle update. This will come a year after the Korean company decided to do the same for the KIA Ceed, the KIA Proceed and the KIA Ceed Tourer, as well as three years after the debut of the crossover model. the new model will bring news in the exterior, interior and mechanical section.

As can be seen in two sketches published by the brand, the front of the KIA XCeed will slightly modify the design of its headlights, although it will retouch the interior light signature of these. The changes will mainly focus on the bumper and grille known as “Tiger Nose” (tiger nose). Both areas will present cleaner lines and a modification in the decorative moldings and ventilation inlets. Most of them will be finished off with areas decorated in gray. The model also will incorporate the new logo that the brand has already released a little over a year ago.

Although both images point out the front and rear design of the model, certain details can be seen in the profile, such as wheels that are expected to have a renewed design and, possibly, of a more generous size than the current ones, as well as more noticeable lateral tension lines to increase the muscular image of the model. However, this may not be the case and may simply be accentuated by the more exaggerated lines that sketch images often show.

The official presentation of the updated XCeed will take place on July 18

At the rear, the biggest change that the KIA XCeed will receive will be in line with the new lighting signature that other models in the compact range have already released, such as the KIA Ceed. These will have an appearance of multiple light points through the use of LED diodes. The design of the lighthouse will not change and only its interior structure will. The rest of the modifications will focus on the lower bumper, where the moldings of the alleged exhausts will be redesigned, as well as incorporating the new KIA logo in the center of the tailgate with the model name just below.

The most noticeable changes to the new KIA XCeed could focus on the higher-end variants and finishes, especially the GT-Line or the plug-in hybrid mechanics, thus leaving the access models with a somewhat more timid final appearance than the rest.

KIA has not provided images of the interior of the new XCeed, although it is expected to share the vast majority of elements with other models in the compact range. This points directly to a double screen on the dashboard, one for the 12.3-inch digital instrumentationas well as a center dedicated to the information and entertainment of the passengers and that will have a diagonal of 10.25 inches. It will also have the new updated operating system, as well as new materials or upholstery for the interior.

The KIA XCeed will incorporate into its catalog at least one plug-in hybrid alternative that accommodates a 1.6-liter displacement gasoline combustion engine together with an electric motor to provide the model with a total power of 141 hp. Its battery will have a capacity of 8.9 kWh, which will mean that the XCeed You can travel almost 60 kilometers in 100% electric mode.

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