Jonathan Palmer will open a self-sufficient circuit for electric cars

The current businessman and former Formula 1 driver, Jonathan Palmer, has publicly revealed his plans to build a self-sufficient circuit completely adapted to electric cars. This will be installed in the northeast of France and will be powered by a solar park which will be located in its surroundings.

The company that will be in charge of its construction and tuning will be Palmer’s MotorSport Vision (MSV) owned by the aforementioned businessman and the main operator of speed circuits installed in various European countries, as well as in the United Kingdom. circuit for electric cars will be based on a former airfield of the French and United States air forces. This was acquired by the ex-pilot’s company last year 2015 and, since then, several development and construction plans have been added.

In the year of its acquisition, Jonathan Palmer’s initial project was to build a speed circuit of about 8 kilometers and that it be dedicated to high speed and especially operational for supercars and high-level competitions. However, the correlative delays and the increase in costs linked to the arrival of the pandemic in 2020 put a pause on all the initial projects for this land.

According to Palmer himself, since 2020 the sights have been increased towards an energy change pointing directly to the electrification of vehicles. This made the businessman reconsider and encouraged a series of modifications to the initial layout to now make it more optimal for electric cars, as well as create energy self-sufficient facilities.

“This is a new project for a new world,” said the businessman, adding that in 2015, when he took ownership of the land, there was no current concern about climate change, or at least not as pronounced; For this reason, once they realized it, the initial project was no longer optimal and outdated. Hence the so-called “Couvron Eco Circuit” was born.

The route will be 3.2 km long
The route will be 3.2 km long

The redesigned layout will have a smaller total length than the initial project. East will feature a 3.2 kilometer track carefully designed to accommodate electric road vehicles, although, of course, it will remain open to conventional combustion cars. “We will make sure that the new circuit is just as challenging to drive as the original.” High-power vehicles, supercars and models designed for competition continue to be present in Palmer’s plans.

Although the plans for this new circuit have been underway for two years, it has not been until now that MSV has received the approval of the local authorities for its construction; nevertheless, still needs approval for the construction of the solar park, which will be one of the largest in Europe with around 3 square kilometers of extension. According to the project, these photovoltaic panels are expected to be capable of generating up to 350 MW of energy needed to power the entire sports facility.

The circuit will have a large conference center adapted and suitable for large-scale meetings and vehicle launches and presentations; additionally, also the installation of numerous ultra-fast recharging stations for electric cars will be carried outsomething of the utmost importance given the purpose of this layout.

MSV is currently only awaiting construction approval for the entire facility; Once it is received, the construction process will begin with an eye to the next three years to its inauguration in 2025.

Due to its very location about 2 hours southeast of Calais, the main access point to continental Europe for the British, they expect many visitors from the United Kingdom, as well as from various locations and countries of the European Union.

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