Jeep’s off-road electric scooter isn’t for 4×4, but it will be reasonably priced

Jeep has just presented its first electric scooter to which it has given a rugged offroad look and for which he has used his classic olive green color together with his anagrams. The JeepRX200 does not hide its origin. razor has collaborated with Jeep to such an extent that the new scooter has the same name and probably the same specifications as the one that already appears in its catalog, the Razor RX200, which are not the most suitable for off-roading.

For him RX200, Jeep has opted for the same strategy as for its first electric bicycle. In that case, it had the collaboration of the American manufacturer QuietKat, and in this case it has chosen to rely on the experience of the American manufacturer. razor, known for its rugged-looking scooters. The result, according to both companies, is a scooter “with the style and sensations of a Jeep Wrangler”, although that is something that must be decided by those who are interested in getting one of them.

The Steel frame The electric scooter has the olive green color typical of the Jeep Willys of the Second World War and is decorated with the brand’s anagrams. A rubbery coating is placed over it to protect it from the harsh conditions it is supposed to be designed for. It rests on sturdy-looking wheels of 8 inches in diameter with stud covers. The stem and handlebars are adjustable and this one features sporty-looking rubber grips and a twist throttle. The total weight of the set is 18 kilograms.

Jeep assures that the scooter is made to “cross rough terrain”, but, due to the electrical system that propels it It doesn’t look like it’s going to do it at very fast speeds. elevated. The maximum you can reach is 19km/h, well below other off-road electric scooters that exist on the market. It is very likely that this low maximum speed is the product of an electric motor of only 200W which also has a system of chain drive that drives the rear wheel. A design that Razor had already shown in other electric scooters and that, in this case, has been considered a good solution.

Jeep RX200-interior electric scooter
Jeep Razor RX200 electric scooter.

the scooter It does not have any type of suspension. so on bumpy terrain it will not be exactly easy to handle. Yes it will help stop it disc brake located on the rear wheel, and will also make things easier with the dual LED headlight that will light your way in the dark. Although, in a measured way, the Jeep RX200 can give its owners a good time, it will not be able to do so for a long time since the drumswith a rather obsolete technology of lead acid and that works at 24 V and 7 Ah, it only has a capacity of 168Wh. Estimated run time is 40 minutes, so you’re not exactly set up to hit long winding trails or mountain traverses all day. Its use seems more suitable for short excursions or quiet walks.

Its carrying capacity doesn’t help either. Although designed for adults over the age of 18, the weight limit is only 70 kilograms, which excludes many potential users. While Jeep has put all of his branding cues into this scooter, the DNA that drives it seems largely the work of Razor. Its president Jim Wagner has assured that “they are always looking for creative ways to excite their clients and provide them with an exciting adventure. We are thrilled to collaborate with the iconic Jeep brand to create the Razor Jeep RX200, which is powerful enough to explore the great outdoors with off-road capability.”

The Jeep Razor RX200 bears very reasonable resemblances to the RX200 that Razor already has in its catalog. The advantage of the Jeep RX200 could be in its price, since it has been announced in the United States by 499 dollars (about 437 euros to change) that place it in the range of economic scooters. Although it is good news that Jeep has decided to expand its offer towards electric micro mobility, the truth is that this first attempt seems to fall somewhat short compared to the good sensations that it transmitted with the electric bicycle developed with Quietkat, which was probably more close to what Jeep customers look for in their products.

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