Jaguar’s “salvation plan”: three electric sports SUVs by 2025

After knowing the difficult situation that Jaguar has been going through in these years, the time has come to find out what the British firm is working on. From headquarters in Coventry, Jaguar management are working harder than ever, as by 2025 they intend to give a “new life” to the company. In an exclusive news released by Coachhave announced that the next step of the brand will be the commercialization of three new electric and sport-focused SUV models.

Jaguar wants to increase its cache and points to direct competition for Bentley. It’s what they’re after, though it won’t be easy to achieve as Jaguar has historically positioned itself a few notches below Bentley on the luxury car ladder. However, in the coming years they will carry out a revolution within the company with which they intend to sell far fewer cars but achieve greater profitability and raise their position as a brand.

As has been confirmed, these three crossover-type body models will maintain the most luxurious and premium spirit that has historically characterized the company, although the new Jaguar will boast a sportiness hitherto little known in the more “common” models. The three new models will be located in two well-differentiated steps.

All Jaguars will be electric in their next %22renaissance%22
All new Jaguars will be electric by 2025

In the first place, and as new access models, a vehicle of a size and orientation similar to the recently presented Range Rover Sport (which we were able to meet a few weeks ago) will be launched. with bodies of three and five doors on which a differentiation between both alternatives will be made. The entry price of this “double model” will be around 100,000 euros. Mechanically, it is expected to have a double mechanical variant consisting of one or two electric motors (with single-axle or all-wheel drive), so there will be several levels of power and performance, as well as a more sporty and performance version under the SVR badge. Despite its starting price, already not very accessible, the British firm hopes to be able to award sales for prices above 120,000-150,000 euros.

Let us remember that everything mentioned so far will be adopted by the new access models to the range. The top tier will go to a new vehicle, also an electric SUV, which will have a 200mm longer wheelbase than its “little brothers”. East will be specifically designed and manufactured to be sold primarily in China and the United States, where they hope to attract most of their clientele. It is expected that this will have a starting price of around 130,000 euros, although Jaguar hopes that the customization and the different mechanical variants will lead to sales prices of over 200,000 euros. This is expected to also have an even sportier version signed by SVR.

With these three new vehicles, Jaguar aims to be able to register around 60,000 vehicles a year, a completely limited print run if you take into account what the brand promised in terms of sales levels until not many years ago. Until the end of the year 2024, Jaguar will not reveal what appearance and what other details will hold for the brand a year later, until then the company will not present news or new models.

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