Jaguar reveals details about its transformation into an electric brand by 2025

Jaguar is going through a tough and difficult stage. The next few years of the English house will be its particular journey through the desert. No news to present or models to launch, those of Coventry have closed the doors to get down to work for 2025. Over the next three years Jaguar has a lot of work ahead of it with the goal of becoming fully electrified. In an interview to AutoExpressthe executive director of vehicle programs, Nick Collins, has hinted at what that transition will look like.

The first thing Collins wants to make clear is that Jaguar is not taking three sabbaticals, in fact, During the interview, he assures that Jaguar is working at a pace never seen before in the Jaguar-Land Rover offices.. While its Land Rover brethren have been very active with the launches of the new Land Rover Defender 130, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, Jaguar hasn’t unveiled anything in the last 12 months, nor will it do so until 2024.

Although it may not be seen from the outside, behind closed doors in Coventry they have been working on a personalized plan for Jaguar. The English have considered that in this way they will be able to comply with the design vision for the brand; “it will be a copy of nothing”. To strengthen that strategy, Jaguar will have an exclusive platform called Panthera. All the technology, all the models and future developments will revolve around it. So the job had better be done right, because the slightest mistake could have fatal consequences.

Jaguar I Pace

At no time has Jaguar wanted to depend on others because, according to them, that would mean limiting important aspects such as technical and aesthetic. Engineered to meet the highest design standards, the Panthera platform will be able to adapt to multiple bodies and different sizes, from SUVs to representative sedans. It will be made of aluminum and its approach will be exclusively electric. There will be no more thermal versions, or so they say.

Collins argues that the new Jaguar will respect the past, but not be tied to it. It is the same formula that they have followed with the new Defender. JLR wants to break with that classic mentality that surrounds him. The traditional will be left behind, although the premium and elegant approach that has always characterized the firm will be maintained. Its intention is to become a real alternative, this time, to the German brands: Audi, Mercedes and BMW, which have always been one or two steps ahead.

One of the best kept secrets is what those new models will look like. Everything indicates that Jaguar will offer at least one model per segment. The first units will be officially presented in 2024, although deliveries will not take place until 2025. Those dates mean that in the coming weeks we will begin to see the test mules completing the first steps of their development stage. A key moment that will bring us closer to the long-awaited renewal of Jaguar.

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