It’s official: there will be a plug-in hybrid Corvette in 2023 and another 100% electric a year later

It was an open secret that just a few hours ago has been officially confirmed by Chevrolet: there will be a plug-in hybrid Corvette and another 100% electric. This officialization comes months after Joe Biden himself spoke, perhaps more, about this future launch. We now know that the plug-in hybrid model will arrive next year 2023, while the fully electric variant will follow a year later.

For the first time in its history, in 2024 the Chevrolet Corvette will abandon its status as an American cult model by abandoning its idolized gasoline V8 block in favor of a fully electric mechanics. This confirmation has come from the brand itself, through the publication of a tweet on his official profile on the social network, as well as a video on his YouTube channel. During the aforementioned footage, a conveniently camouflaged Corvette can be clearly seen demonstrating its ability on the snow track, since this will be a model that will have an all-wheel drive train. The variant that we can see is the plug-in hybrid version.

The idea of ​​launching a plug-in hybrid or pure electric Chevrolet Corvette has been rumored for years, but now these rumors go a step further and already speak of several versions of each type. In the case of the hybrid model, the Corvette will have two mechanical variants, one more restrained in terms of power (if a Corvette can be described as such), and later an even more performance-oriented one that could be called Zora will arrive. of which there is already an estimated power of up to 1,000 CV.

Nevertheless, this first plug-in hybrid version could come under the umbrella of an approximate power of 600 hp, a total that would be one step below the Corvette Z06 and its 670 hp, although its own condition as an all-wheel drive model would help stop the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h in less time than this. Its architecture will be the well-known 6.2-liter V8 engine located in the rear central position and will deliver all its power to the rear axle, while the new electrical part will be located on the front axle. Which means that, in a route executed in 100% electric mode, it will have the condition of a front-wheel drive vehicle.

Its nomenclature is expected to be that of Corvette E-Ray, a name that Chevrolet already registered almost two years ago and from which many of the rumors that are now being confirmed were born. The plug-in hybrid is not expected to have a great electric range figure, since the capacity of your battery will not be very large either. This could be around 25 kilometers in 100% electric mode. About the electric variant little or nothing is known today for sure, beyond that it will arrive in the year 2024.

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