It’s official: the next Dodge Challenger and Charger will be electric

We are facing a new era, a new stage in the way we move. Throughout history the human being has been the way in which we move from one place to another. The muscle cars Americans are out of date. Its hyped engines and raucous exhausts will be a thing of the past. Dodge has just made it official that the next generation of its muscle cars it will be 100% electric. It will be a tough time for many purists, but there is reason to rejoice in this change.

The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger are two institutions in the American market. For five decades they have been fighting together with other great figures such as the Chevrolet Camaro or the Ford Mustang, to win the title of best muscle cars. In the United States, high-capacity cars are part of its DNA. More powerful, bigger and more exaggerated, 100% Yankee style. Soon that generation of vehicles will say goodbye to us in the face of a change that has no turning back.

Dodge’s confirmation comes as a result of an article published on the Motor1 website stating that the Hemi engine was going to return in the next generations of the Charger and Challenger. However, a Dodge representative has informed the specialized media of his error: “The news is wrong, the Hemi on that platform is going to go away. The next generation will be BEV”. It is clear that Dodge, a brand belonging to the Stellantis Group, has made the decision that had been rumored around the world for some time. The American brand gets rid of its muscle carsat least as we have known them until now.

The electric conversion opens an option that until now had been almost impossible in Europe

The trend is already unstoppable. The first to make the leap was the Mustang, although in this case Dodge takes a different approach. The Charger and Challenger will keep the radical philosophy, but will change the mechanical system that powers them. Dodge is not going to change the format. The Charger will remain a four-door sedan and the Challenger a two-door coupe., but they will say goodbye to their big V8 blocks for the sake of an electric transformation capable of surpassing the performance and power figures. They will be more extreme.

There is no need to complain about it, rather the opposite. This change in format and mobility will benefit those foreigners who have always wanted a muscle cars, but have never been able to enjoy one. Until now, the importation of this type of vehicle has been complicated by the complication and the cost involved. The high-power V8 engines and more exaggerated consumption do not make their approach to the old continent easy at allbut those limitations will disappear with the electric ones.

If you’ve ever wanted a Dodge Charger or Challenger, you’ll be closer than ever to enjoying it. We do not mean that Dodge is going to export it massively to Europe, but it will be much easier and cheaper to enjoy them in the old continent. Also keep in mind that the Stellantis Group shares many developments, so it would not be strange to see European replicas of the muscle cars American people. A new era opens and you have to enjoy it.

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