It’s official: BMW will start mass-producing hydrogen cars in 2025

BMW will start mass-produce its first hydrogen electric car in 2025, as confirmed by official sources to Nikkei. The Bavarian brand will launch its first fuel cell model on the market in about three years, something that will not be possible without Toyota.

One of BMW’s slogans is ‘The power to choose’, referring to the variety of bodies and mechanics available in its range. In a zero-emissions future, the German brand will continue to offer its customers the power to choose between several alternatives, including batteries or a fuel cell (in addition to other options with a combustion engine, at least until 2035).

That BMW had been working on hydrogen prototypes is something we already knew; In Hybrids and Electrics we have talked several times about the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. The last time was in March, when the firm announced that it was testing the model in extremely cold conditions near the Arctic Circle.

But it has not been until now when we have had the first official confirmation on the launch date of the first series-produced hydrogen BMW. BMW sales chief Pieter Nota told Nikkei that the German automaker will launch not one but several fuel cell vehicles together with Toyota. This technology without polluting emissions is, according to Note, “particularly relevant for larger SUVs”, which clears up doubts (if there were any) about a possible production BMW iX5 Hydrogen (also called BMW i Hydrogen NEXT during its development) .

The iX5 Hydrogen has a hydrogen fuel cell
The iX5 Hydrogen has 374 HP of power and can store 6 kg of hydrogen

In order to make the BMW iX5 Hydrogen a reality, as well as the rest of the FCEV models that follow, Toyota will be essential. BMW and Toyota have been working on the joint development of fuel cells since 2013 and in 2025 the first BMW with fuel cell technology jointly developed by both companies will see the light of day. It should be remembered that Toyota, which has been working on hydrogen vehicles for more than a decade, currently markets the second generation Toyota Mirai, one of the few series-produced hydrogen cars.

Presented for the first time in September 2021, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen is equipped with an electric motor with 374 hp (275 kW). The drive unit was made up of a 170 hp fuel cell, two hydrogen tanks that can store 6 kilos of this substance at 700 bar pressure, and a small battery to store excess energy. However, the specifications of the production model may differ. Be that as it may, one of the advantages of this future model will be its refueling time, which should not take more than four or five minutes.

The year 2025 is marked in a special way in the BMW calendar. That year they will launch the first model on the new Neue Klasse platform, the foundation stone for the BMW of the future. Under this platform will come a new generation of batteries for its electric cars, new electric motors, new software and a greater commitment to the circular economy and recycling in all areas of vehicle production and the supply chain. Although focused on battery electric cars, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse recently confirmed that they would also be exploring the use of hydrogen technology in the new Neue Klasse platform.

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