It is already possible to have a BMW electric motorcycle without a quirky design

When BMW launches an electric car or motorcycle that they intend to become a disruptive model, aesthetics usually goes hand in hand with their intentions, which ends up polarizing opinions regarding its design, the proof of this is the futuristic BMW CE 04 or the controversial BMW iX. Now LM Creations has the solution for those looking for the aesthetics of a classic BMW electric motorcycle with the advantages of an electric one; a kit with which You can convert any motorcycle from the classic BMW R series into an electric motorcycle.

The model that accompanies these lines and serves as the basis for displaying the kit is a BMW R80. However, stripping one of these models of the gasoline engine means removing one of its hallmarks, the boxer-type engine. At LM Creations they know about the latter, and for this reason they have kept the engine heads that protrude from each side, something similar to what BMW itself plans for its future sports electric, although the brand will take advantage of it as a cooling system.

Once the gasoline engine and all its peripheral components have been removed, the starting point for every electric motorcycle is the chassis itself. The housing of the electric motor, as well as the tubes that hide the transmission, print in 3D. As a curiosity, LM Creations the original transmission of the gasoline engine, so it is still a manual gear motorcycle, according to the founder of LM Creations himself in an interview published by Bike Exif.

Electric BMW by LM Creations
Electric BMW by LM Creations

For the electric motor, however, they turn to the specialist QS, which is a very common company in terms of supplying electric motors to both large brands and some smaller ones. The motor, model QS138, is located inside the casing, and works with a voltage of 72 V to achieve a power of 11 kW, which represents 14.75 CV.

The battery, meanwhile, finds a place in the fuel tank. LM Creations has not stated which manufacturer the cells come from, but it does disclose its capacity, 4.3 kWh, and that it weighs 22 kilos. The company anticipates that it is capable of offering 80 kilometers of autonomy with a full load, which based on the power and the light weight of the set, seems like a realistic urban autonomy.

In total, LM Creations promises a total of 2,000 charge and discharge cycles, which, taking into account that it has a range of 80 kilometers, should be enough to have a useful life of 160,000 kilometers.

Electric BMW by LM Creations
LM Creations wanted to keep the boxer engine heads that protrude from each side of the bike.

Among the elements that have been changed so that the behavior of this BMW is as current as possible, are both the rear suspension, whose functions now fall on a single shock absorber manufactured by YSS, while the tires are now Michelin Roadmaster Classic.

There is the possibility of either ordering all the pieces so that anyone with a few tools can do it themselves, or have it done directly by LM Creations itself. In the case of the first option, the price of the kit will be 9,450 euroswhile if you opt for the second it will be 11,900 plus transportation costs.

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