Is Hyundai preparing an IONIQ 6 Shooting Brake and N electric?

Just a few hours after Hyundai officially unveiled the design and the many technologies that the new Hyundai IONIQ 6 houses, new indications point to the intention on the part of the Koreans to expand the model rangespecifically with a familiar variant, as well as a high performance version signed by N. Although initially it could be branded as conjecture, the truth is that Hyundai’s own design chief has not denied the possibility of such a fact.

Hyundai has put everything into creating a new sub-brand of electric vehicles that is completely groundbreaking in terms of design. First came the IONIQ 5, as the model that kicked off that sub-brand, although the name was previously known by veteran Hyundai IONIQ. Now the Korean firm has launched one of the most anticipated and rumored models in recent monthswhich is represented by a coupé saloon-type bodywork.

Initially and on paper, this is a model that can give IONIQ a lot of room for movement because its own physiognomy makes it an important exponent in aerodynamics, as well as in providing its driver with a low center of gravity and driving balance. well above vehicles with other types of bodywork. Therefore, the rumors about a sports version signed by N They have been ringing for months, just like their range brother, the IONIQ 5 N, and of which nothing is officially known yet, although its arrival is also expected soon.

New variants on the way for the IONIQ 6?  so could it be
The IONIQ 6 presents a very particular aesthetic

They have the technology to carry out such development, since KIA has already shown the world what would be its most powerful production model, the KIA EV6GT and its 585 hp. This same mechanical architecture could be the one that will soon equip the IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6. In a recent interview by self-express Hyundai’s chief designer, SangYup Lee, was asked about the possibility of the arrival of this high-performance variant, to which the person in charge replied by saying that “It will also be a high-performance model.”

However, the IONIQ 6 is presented as a more than good base to carry out the development of new alternatives, such as the aforementioned sports variant signed by N, or a family body type shooting brake. The same chief designer was also asked about the possibility of creating a compact model, to which he replied: «I can make a great hatchback out of this; or a shooting brake». Should it be taken for granted that Hyundai will launch a shooting brake family variant of the IONIQ 6? Not really, but the door should not be closed to such a possibility either.

The IONIQ 6 will reach the European market during the first half of 2023. Although the Korean firm has revealed the most important data of the model, the truth is that there is still much to know about this electric car. Therefore, from Hyundai they have assured that they will provide much more information about it starting next July. These new data could speak of other motorization alternatives, as well as the different finishes and possibilities that the vehicle will have once it reaches the market.

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