Invicta DTR Cóbreces: an electric moped with up to 130 kilometers of theoretical autonomy

Invicta Electric offers in Spain a range that between scooters, motorcycles and mopeds already reaches a total of 36 models for sale. The latest to join the brand’s offer is the Invicta DTR Coppersan electric scooter that, due to its performance, is approved as a moped and that can offer up to 130 kilometers of autonomy in the double battery variant.

It is a model whose aesthetic draws on the lines of the most classic European scooters (mainly the Piaggio Vespa), and which reaches the Spanish market with a price that starts in the 2,895 euros in its single battery version and 3,175 euros in the case of the double battery variant.

In the case of a moped, its maximum speed is limited based on the regulations, sticking to the 45 kilometers per hour maximum speed allowed for this type of motorcycle. As usual in affordable electric scooters and mopeds, the DTR Cóbreces uses a hub-type motor, which, placed on its rear wheel, produces a power of 2.1 kW, which is equivalent to 2.85 hp.

The importer does not declare the capacity of the batteries, but it does declare that a total of 5 hours will be necessary to charge each module from when they are completely discharged to 100%. In the single battery version with a full charge you can travel up to 80 kilometers, while in the case of the double battery, the electric autonomy will rise to 130 kilometers. Figures that, however, in practice promise to decrease as they are homologated under the old NEDC cycle.

Regarding equipment, the Invicta DTR Cóbreces already offers a platform at the rear as standard to be able to attach a trunk to increase its capacity, as well as LED lighting and a restrained but sufficient digital instrumentation.

The Invicta Electric model (and its entire range of electric mopeds) will have to deal with a growing supply, and in which top-tier brands are ultimately entering. Among the most striking models that are for sale in Spain we find the Piaggio One and Yamaha Neo’s, whose prices start at 2,690 euros and 3,199 euros, respectively. NIU also offers a wide range, and in the case of the cheapest models the price starts at 2,299 euros.

Despite the fact that there is an increasing offer of models that militate within this category, the biggest rivals of electric mopeds today are neither public transport nor gasoline models, but electric scooters, more affordable, easy and cheap to maintain, and also without the obligation to have a driving license.

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