Inflation threatens to kill Volkswagen’s cheapest electric cars

The Volkswagen Group has one of the most ambitious plans in terms of product for the European electric car market. Articulated around the platform MEB Small, volkswagen, CUPRA Y Skoda will launch three electric cars whose starting price they intend to place at the level of the €20,000although this wave of models is under threat given inflation currently facing the eurozone.

This has been confirmed by one of the heads of the CUPRA firm at the event that took place at the Terramar circuit last week, because if the inflation rate in the eurozone continues to experience the same rise as in recent months, the Volkswagen Group will It will be impossible to market electric cars at the promised price.

“Inflation of 7% a year would be a problem,” Werner Tietz said last week., head of development of the Cupra firm for the Volkswagen Group. Based on Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, the annual European market inflation rate for May is expected to be around 8.1%, which would mean an increase of 0.7% according to 7, 4% from last April.

If the situation were prolonged in time, well, would cause the Volkswagen Group to review its strategy, being able to give rise to two possible scenarios. Market this series of electric cars at the same price but with more restrained features and solutions, or revise prices upwards.

CUPRA Urban-Rebel_10_HQ
CUPRA Urban Rebel concept.

In terms of product, the offensive planned by the Volkswagen Group will materialize through the firms Skoda, Volkswagen and CUPRA with three B-segment electric cars whose autonomy in the most capable of its versions should be at a level of approximately 450 kilometres.

Volkswagen and CUPRA have already shown the concept models that anticipate the design of the production models. Volkswagen, on the one hand, will draw on its retro heritage to shape an electric car that takes lines from the Beetle and Volkswagen ID. Buzz, while the Urbanrebel, the CUPRA model, will take refuge in the disruptive design of the Spanish firm to offer itself as the most dynamic and young alternative of the trio of models.

Volkswagen ID.  Conceptual electric life.
Volkswagen ID. Conceptual electric life.

Skoda, for its part, has not yet shown a model in charge of advancing the forms of its electric car, but it is expected that it will do so in the coming weeks. The three brands will have to reveal the final production designs around 2024, for in 2026 give the starting signal to the commercialization of each one of them, and with it to their production, which, as has been confirmed, will take place in Spain. The batteries will also be manufactured in our country, in the factory that the Volkswagen Group recently confirmed will be built in the Valencian town of Sagunto.

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