In Honda they do not rule out the possibility of a hybrid Civic Type R

A few days ago, Honda unveiled the new generation of the Honda Civic Type R, an already historic model within the lines of the Japanese company. However, this new generation could be accompanied by surprises soon, as Ko Yamamoto, Honda Motor Europe technical advisor, has not ruled out the possibility of a hybrid variant of the sports modelthus being the first in history that would make use of the progress of electrification.

The new Honda Civic Type R has come under a much more discreet aesthetic than the predecessor models. With a body in the form of a coupé saloon, its greatest addition to radicalism is a generous spoiler attached to its rear, something that is already required to be adopted after previous generations also did the same to each one of more generous dimensions. This renovation It has arrived together with a VTEC gasoline engine with four cylinders in line and 2.0 liters of displacement. The exact power it will have has not yet been revealed.

However, and despite the fact that the model does not receive any type of electrification in its mechanics, it is more than likely that this will be the last time that Honda launches a “pure” thermal variant, since the Japanese firm does not rule out the electrification of the model. , either in the form of plug-in hybrid or self-charging hybridbecause the platform on which the Civic Type R sits has the possibility of housing both variables.

“I would not rule out electrification,” Yamamoto said in a recent statement. Honda’s technical advisor did assume that carrying out the development of an all-electric variant would no longer be feasiblealthough he sees plug-in hybridization as a very real possibility.

The Civic could come in the form of a self-charging or plug-in hybrid.

From Honda, the electrification of this car would be taken as its salvation in the old continent, where its commercialization will not be viable soon if it is not under the intense support of electrification, due to the outstanding restrictions that will be proposed by the executive region of.

Yamamoto affirms that the maximum followers of this car will have to take the electrification as one more support for its mechanical gasoline block, “like VTEC or a turbo, for example”. Although one thing they are sure of at Honda is that the Civic Type R will not come under the influence of all-wheel drive. “We can do four-wheel drive, of course. This platform is also used for the all-wheel drive CR-V. However, I think that this does not really face the principle of the Type R, “said the person in charge, justifying that this option would not bring more speed or sensations to the compact, but only a much greater weight to the whole.

Honda, to date, has fulfilled its objective of marketing only hybrid and electric cars in Europe, something that could be left behind with the arrival of the new Honda Civic Type R. However, this could be the framework in which the firm Japan based its principles to later present an electrified Type R: selling only ECO and Zero label vehicles on the European continent.

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