Hyundai prepares a presentation of new sports models. Will the expected IONIQ 5 N arrive?

Hyundai has been preparing for several months the official landing of its new electric sports car, the one known as IONIQ 5N. This vehicle has been seen on numerous occasions roaming the vicinity of the world’s most famous circuit, the Nürburgring, and it seems that the Korean company can have it up and ready for its imminent introduction.

Hyundai’s sports and more special vehicles department does not stop in its work to develop and market new models in this area. In recent years, variants signed by N have landed on models such as the i30, the i20 or the Kona; however, this will be the first time an electric sports vehicle is marketed on the ranks of Hyundai.

In a last publication made by the company on its official accounts on social networks, two images are shown; a first photograph of a very distorted vehicle that is running on a speed track. In this image you cannot see which model it is specifically, although all the rumors talk about the already mentioned IONIQ 5 N. Yes, the identifying blue color of these sports models, which is known as “Performance Blue”, is easily distinguished.

However, this photograph does not come alone, as a second image reveals a radically sporty vehicle covered with a sheet and inside a circuit box. The main lines of the model testify to a very sporty cut, with a huge rear spoiler, a long and sharp nose, as well as a very low and aerodynamic design line.

Various sources close to the brand speak of a double presentation; on the one hand, the final production IONIQ 5 N and, as a second novelty, a conceptual model dedicated to competition and which will incorporate new technologies related to efficiency and sustainability. This could be a high-performance model developed jointly with Rimac, since both companies have been associated for some years. However, all the rumors affect a conceptual model.

The official presentation of both models will take place during the so-called “Day N 2022”, which will be held on July 15. In the publication made by the brand on its social networks, the following text can be read on both images: “Imagining the future of N”. While in the second photograph (where the covered sports model can be seen) this phrase is completed with: “with legacy”.

The sportiest variant of the IONIQ 5 is expected to have the same electrical mechanics that the KIA EV6 GT has already released, although it is also possible that Hyundai will modify certain specifications to increase or reduce the final power of the model. However, rumors speak of an estimated maximum power of 585 hp and 740 Nm of maximum torque. It will also have new and specific tweaks to make this a more capable vehicle on the track, such as suspensions or a steering setting with greater rigidity.

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