Hyundai patents an electric scooter that folds to occupy a tiny space in its electric cars

Last-mile mobility as a complement to the personal car was a concept pioneered by Honda with the launch of the Honda City and Honda Motocompo in the 1980s. The group made up of Hyundai Motors has recently taken up that idea but this time in an electric key, since the South Koreans have patented an electric scooter that folds completely and fits into a specific hole in their electric cars.

What Honda proposed in the 1980s with the two aforementioned models is that the car was the tool in charge of covering the longest distancewhile with the Motocompo, a motorcycle folding that fit in the trunk of the Honda City, cover the last part of the trip to get, for example, to the office in the center of a city, where in addition to losing more time to access due to traffic, it was also more difficult and expensive to park.

Based on one of the latest patents made by Hyundai, the Korean firm would be after a similar idea, or at least that is what is extracted from the patents that since The Drive have been in charge of uncovering (through Patent Guru). However, it is not a patent that has been registered in recent days, since the registration was made in 2019, while the preparation of the necessary documents to complete the registration dates from 2017.


Electric scooter folding system.

However, what the brand proposes is striking enough to echo it, because through this system, and contrary to what happened in the 80s with the Motocompo and today with electric scooters when transported by car, by storing it in the area designed for it, neither living space nor load capacity is subtracted.

The folding system of the electric scooter in question is far from what is usual in other scooters, since it seems much more complicated and greatly reduces the volume that the scooter occupies once folded.

Like any other model, the main folding point is at the base of the mast that supports the handlebars. To this is added that the handlebar itself is collected on itself as if it were a fork. To this, in addition, a second point of folding in the middle of the platform is added. All of the above means that once folded, the necessary space is a quarter, almost, of what is common for an electric scooter.

Figures related to the patent that Hyundai registered in 2019.

Figures related to the patent that Hyundai registered in 2019.

Hyundai proposes that it can be housed under the trunk floor or even in a specific space in the door frame of its electric cars, in the same way as the popular Rolls-Royce umbrella. If this solution reaches its production cars, it is most likely an option available through its accessories catalog or an item of equipment for a specific model.

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