Hyundai Ioniq 6, aerodynamics and efficiency are the basis of its birth

Spy photos and renderings have revealed, in a way, what will be the final design of the Hyundai Ioniq 6, which, unlike the Ioniq 5, bases its entire philosophy on the efficiency and much of this efficiency in the aerodynamics. However, the Ioniq 6 has been waiting for its presentation for many months, although a few months ago the project’s lead designer, SangYup Lee, confirmed that he is ready for an imminent reveal. During that wait, Hyundai continues to keep it in the foreground with the publication of its latest video-teaser in which he baptizes his next electric car as a “electrified streamliner”, alluding to unrivaled aerodynamic credentials.

Hyundai ensures that it is preparing for the launch of the Ioniq 6, which will be mounted on it electric platform E-GMP than the Ioniq 5. However, even if their mechanical underpinnings are similar (if not identical), the two models will exhibit some fundamental differences that will be evident in the design. The Ioniq 6 will be a very efficient electric car from the aerodynamic point of view.

In its latest video-teaser announcing the arrival of the car, Hyundai calls it an “electrified streamliner” hinting at the fact that this vehicle will have some aerodynamic credentials matchless. In the video he says that he has a “New Age silhouette” likely referring to the fact that his shape is dictated by the need to reduce stamina. This way of designing cars will become a leitmotif in industry as we get closer to the demise of thermal vehicles.

In the video, Hyundai reminds us that the design of the Ioniq 6 was inspired by a smooth pebble transported by water. A shape he later transferred to the Prophecy concept which, in turn, is the inspiration for the production model. The Prophecy, seen in person, really packs a punch visually, though neither its exterior nor its interior really indicates what the final production model will look like.

The spy photos have allowed to see part of the interior and exterior of the Ioniq 6 with the detail that the camouflages allow. In general, as with all concepts, the move to production prototypes means a descent to more conventional levels, although the car will retain its overall proportions. This is particularly evident in the shapes of the rear. In the Prophecy, the rear reserved a large space that could be considered as a large spoiler in which a matrix of LED lights was integrated that drew the pilots and the rest of the car’s lighting. A solution that, almost certainly, will not be present in the production model. However, it is to be expected that the aerodynamic solution it provided, with a dovetail-shaped terminationis present in the Ioniq 6. On the other hand, on the inside, it is most likely that there is a lot of relationship with the one that the Ioniq 5 wears.

Hyundai has not yet announced when it will reveal the Ioniq 6, maintaining only that it is an imminent presentation. One possibility is that it will be displayed at a major motoring event. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, which draws around 100,000 daily, kicks off next week and will play host to the debut of several electric models.

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