Hyundai and Michelin will develop the tires for the next generation of electric cars

While everyone seems to be staring at batteries and motors, many other components can help improve the efficiency and range of electric cars. Tires are a fundamental part of our car, the only four points that put us in contact with the ground, Michelin and Hyundai have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of new tires specific for high-end electric cars.

the memorandum of understanding It is nothing more than the extension of the agreement that both companies already signed in 2017 in which they committed to the development of high-efficiency tires that mount other electric and electrified cars of the company such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the KIA EV6, as well as the next electric ones that are about to reach the increasingly popular and crowded family, such as the Ioniq 6.

With an arduous task of research and after thousands of trials, tests and experiments, Michelin and Hyundai will jointly develop innovations such as: ecological tires with a greater use of sustainable materials, tires optimized for the next generation of high-end electric cars, and a real-time tire monitoring system that will help improve technologies related to autonomous driving. All this within a period of three years as contemplated in the agreement.

Ioniq 5 electric.

The resulting tires will be mounted on future Hyundai Group electric cars, including KIA. Premium focus models that will feature state-of-the-art compounds capable of meeting the most demanding durability, efficiency and performance requirements. In this way the tire will become an ally in the evolution of the rest of the electric car technologiessince the autonomy of plug-in vehicles is expected to grow considerably over the next few years.

The main tests will seek to achieve an optimal balance between behavior and efficiency. Low rolling resistance will be offset by great braking and cornering performance. Being tires focused on high-end cars, durability and low noise will also focus a significant part of the expected test battalion. All this with an environmental and sustainability approach that will seek to use 50% ecological materials in each tire compared to the 20% currently used.

“This partnership with Michelin will lead to true innovations in tire technology.cementing Hyundai Group’s position as an industry leader in smart mobility,” said Vice President Kim. “By fully leveraging our mobility technology and tire expertise from Michelin, we are confident in our ability to achieve groundbreaking innovations in improving tire performance and create synergies in this organic collaboration.”

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