Hysteria with the electric Hummer: skyrocketing prices and almost impossible to get

Whether it is because manufacturers had very conservative expectations, or because customers were eager for such a product, the truth is that electric pick-ups have unleashed a furor in the United States. From Ford’s F-150 Lightning to Rivian’s R1T, the waiting lists are endless and the speculation is growing. And as an example, a button: the new electric Hummer.

Unlike the last H2, the new Hummer is fully electric. But in certain respects, they remain similar: the new one still has a “boxy” design, an oversized size and a purely Yankee. Still, the new Hummer EV is unleashing little short of hysteria in Americawhich is causing the price of the (very few) available units to skyrocket.

Last week, on the same day but in different places, two units of the electric Hummer pick-up (the only body for sale at the moment) were sold for over $250,000 each. One such sale was made through a auction at Cars and Bids, which made available to the highest bidder a Hummer EV ‘Edition 1’ with three electric motors and more than 1,000 horsepower, and only 137 kilometers on the odometer. The highest bid ended up taking the truck for $260,420, more than double its dealer price ($112,595).

An electric Hummer recently sold for more than $260,000.

In parallel, another electric Hummer it was also sold for more than a quarter of a million dollars at a dealer auction in Texas. This type of auction is aimed at owners of a concession and restricted to the general public. This means that the car in question will be sold again at a dealer for an even higher price (otherwise the dealer would lose money). The bidder who ended up taking the Hummer must be confident, we imagine, that he can sell it for something close to $300,000.

The special launch version ‘Edition 1’ comes specially equipped, has minor cosmetic differences and will have a limited production run. All this helps, without a doubt, that customers are willing to pay a higher price for the vehicle, although as we can see, heart attack levels are being reached. It also helps that General Motors is building it at a very slow pace: In the first quarter of the year, they only delivered 99 units across the United States. The demand far exceeds the available supply. Another Hummer EV ‘Edition 1’ currently available on ebay it is advertised for $249,900.

As announced by General Motors last March, the electric Hummer has more than 65,000 reservations firm. A fairly high demand despite its hefty price, which starts at $112,000 for the version currently in production. The access version will cost $80,000, but will not arrive until 2024. Although General Motors will increase the production rate of the model at Factory ZERO, as of today the waiting list exceeds two years.

Hummer’s is not the only pick-up in great demand, far from it. The Ford F-150 Lightning has more than 200,000 reservations and the brand has been forced to double the initially planned production, while Rivian has more than 70,000 orders between the pick-up (R1T) and the SUV (R1S). And it is rumored that the Tesla Cybertruck has more than 1 million reservations, although there is still no confirmed date for its market launch.

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