Hyboo, the ultralight and recyclable electric bicycle thanks to a frame made of bamboo

the french company trip bikebased in Hauts-de-France has launched a different electric bicycle on the market and designed to be very light. But instead of using highly sophisticated and expensive materials, its lightness is due to an ultralight bamboo frame which will be fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Carla Sarantellis was the founder in 2015 of Tripbike. For five years she worked under the business incubator of the Mines-Telecom Institute of Lille-Douai. During this time developed, designed and tested the strength of a bamboo bike, a material chosen “for its excellent mechanical qualities, its flexibility and its ability to absorb impacts”. The Hyboo electric bicycle, made entirely from bio-based materials, offers a new alternative for ecological mobility.

Bamboo fiber, due to its flexibility, It absorbs vibrations better than aluminum and is as resistant to tensile and torsional stress as carbon.either. It is also waterproof, resistant to ultraviolet rays, it is very light and to obtain it it has the advantage that bamboo is a plant that, without the need for fertilizers or phytosanitary products, grows much faster than trees, from which it could be obtained. a similar material such as wood. Therefore, it is a material whose production is more responsible and further limits the impact of electric bikes on the environment.

Hyboo recyclable ultralight electric bike bamboo frame-interior3
The Hyboo electric bike can be purchased with and without the electric assistance system.

In addition to a carbon frame, the weight containment of the Hyboo electric bike mounts a motor integrated in the BATBOO bottom bracket hub which weighs 700 grams and, being removable, can be purchased separately. Literally this motor is hooked under the bottom bracket. It complies with the EPAC regulations, that is, it has a power of 250 W and assists the cyclist up to 25 km/h. The motorization kit includes the motor, the connector and the roller. Being located outside is completely waterproof. The roller is activated by bluetooth; when it detects the pedal stroke, it activates the rear wheel according to the cyclist’s demand. The motor included in the electric version of the Hyboo, being removable, can be mounted on any type of frame.

The drumsalso removable, 8.3 cm long and 8 cm in diameter, can be selected from three capacity levels: 150Wh, 300Wh (the one included as standard) and 450Wh. In the case of the intermediate option of 300 Wh, its weight is only 1.6 kilograms. It has bluetooth technology connected to a discreet controller located on the handlebar grip.

Hyboo recyclable ultralight electric bike bamboo frame-interior2
The 8.3 cm long and 8 cm diameter removable battery can be selected from three capacity levels: 150 Wh, 300 Wh (the one included as standard) and 450 Wh.

Regarding autonomy, the manufacturer speaks of between 60 and 100 kilometers (or two hours), depending on the characteristics of the cyclist, his assistance needs and the terrain that is crossed. Full battery recharge time is two hours

The box is available in two formats. The first is a classical geometry based on a frame step over with the upper bar almost horizontal. In the second case, step through, in which this bar goes down diagonally to the middle of the vertical bar of the seat post, which makes it easier to get on and off the bike. In addition to the mechanical components described, it has fenders, also made of bamboo, disc brakes and a front and rear lighting system.

Hyboo recyclable ultralight electric bike bamboo frame-interior1
The frame is available in two formats, a classic geometry based on a step-over frame with an almost horizontal upper bar and a second step-through, in which this bar descends diagonally to the middle of the vertical bar of the seat post. saddle.

The price of the Hyboo electric bicycle is not exactly the cheapest on the market. It can be purchased in two formats. Without electrical system, the price is €2,400 and with the electrical system described above its price is €3,300.

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