Husqvarna MC4: Husqvarna’s cheapest “Mountain Cross” electric bike is also pure engineering

Within the “Mountain Cross” range, the Husqvarna MC4 is proposed as the most affordable alternative within the renewed MC range that the Austrian firm presented last week, and although it is an electric bicycle that costs 3,900 euros less than the top of the range The most interesting thing about this series is that it continues to offer the most striking solutions with which Husqvarna has innovated and surprised in equal measure when presenting the MC6.

To reduce your price compared to the MC6, which is the model that has attracted the most attention, Husqvarna has cut back on the deployment of components in the cycle part. However, the technical sheet lists components such as a RockShox 35 Gold RL fork, RockShox Deluxe Select+ central shock absorber, Magura MT5 brakes with four-piston calipers and a SRAM GX Eagle transmission, so we are still dealing with an electric bicycle, not a good level of components.

Another aspect in which the MC6 stands out from the MC4, and which has a direct impact on the price, is the composition of its frame, since although they share geometry, the MC6 has a structure made of carbon fiber, while the MC4 opts for an aluminum composition, which is cheaper and not so light.

As well as sharing geometry, the Husqvarna MC4 also makes use of the same electrical layout as the MC6. The motor around which the electrical assistance system revolves has the renowned Shimano STEPS EP8 drive as its protagonist, which complements the cyclist’s pedaling with the usual 250 W of maximum power and up to 85 Nm of torque. However, there are also changes in the capacity of the batteryThe energy that reaches the motor comes from a battery of 720Wh of capacity that is placed in the lower tube of the frame close to the propeller.

Husqvarna MC4
Husqvarna MC4.

Being based on the same geometry, the MC4 benefits from the configuration mulletwhich with wheels of different sizes, with the smallest on the rear axle, seeks to offer the cyclist better traction when transmitting power to the ground.

The most striking thing, however, is that the Mountain Cross 4 offers the same passive cooling system and the solution regarding the position of the electric motor as the MC6. What Husqvarna has done is put the engine on a anchorage that frees it from being embedded in the structure of the bicycle, makes it release heat more effectively. On the other hand, the excess heat in the battery will be dissipated through the ventilation grille in the head tube and the new ventilation ribs in the skid plate.

Regarding the position of the electric motor, instead of having it placed at the end of the geometry down tube, Husqvarna has integrated between the down tube itself and the one that is offset in parallel to this from the top, also placing the motor with an inclination of 45 degrees. With this design Husqvarna says that “deflection during acceleration is reduced, which prevents energy loss and optimizes the conversion of pedal force into power”.

All of the above is offered by Husqvarna for a price of 5,999 euroswhich is still a high price for general standards, but correct considering that the MC6 reaches up to 8,899 euros.

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