Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB rigid electric bike, the most balanced in the range

The Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB it’s not designed to compete with the high-end, performance e-bikes from Trek, Cannondale, or Specialized. This does not mean that it is a modest and unassuming vehicle: a frame designed to traverse any path, thanks to a geometry adapted to this purpose, an electrical system signed by Shimano, with a battery of acceptable capacity and components such as the high-quality SRAM derailleur. That is why it is not exactly a cheap electric bicycle since you have to pay for it no less than 4,000 euros.

Husqvarna is a Swedish brand that has been manufacturing power tools for many years. He started his history in 1689 making rifles, and from there they gave his name to almost everything, from sewing machines to lawnmowers, chainsaws, motorcycles and also electric bicycles.

The company have long experience in bicycle design. The Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB is set up precisely to tackle any hilly trail no matter how challenging it may pretend to be. Your frame is the essence that allows you to know what a bicycle is designed for. Its shape and geometry reveal that its intention is not to make big descents and cross trialeras. A rigid rear end and a suspension only in the front fork They make you guess that it is designed to roll keeping both wheels on the ground almost all the time. It features a 68-degree head angle and a 74-degree seat tube angle. The reach or reach (horizontal distance from the bottom bracket to the stem) is 465 mm and the stack (vertical distance from the bottom bracket to the stem) is 645 mm, in the case of the medium size frame.

Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB electric bike-indoor1
The electrical system of the Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB electric bike is supplied by Shimano.

The painting sits on 29 inch wheels, which makes it easier to go through roots and stones on the road, and helps to cushion the irregularities since the frame does not have rear suspension. In the front it has a SR Suntour XCR 32 Lor fork with a travel of 120 mm. This element can be modified since Husqvarna allows you to remove it and mount another in its place.

Regarding the electrical system, and since Husqvarna does not manufacture its own drive systems, the Swedish company relies on the Japanese Shimano and its Step line. The E8000 electric motor offers a power of 250Walthough the most important thing is the torque that it is capable of obtaining, which is from 70Nm. A protector in the lower part prevents it from being damaged by stones that may jump or if it receives an unexpected blow. The maximum speed at which it assists the cyclist is 25km/h, as required by the regulations for electric vehicles EPAC. More than enough to do the light work required of it on the trails. A 630Wh battery pack integrated into the lower sloping tube of the frame takes care of powering it.

Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB electric bike-indoor2
SRAM’s drivetrain is better suited to a machine that’s meant to last a long time.

The selling price of the Husqvarna Cross 6 E-MTB is not exactly cheap. For her you have to pay 4,000 euros which, given the configuration of the electric bike, can be considered quite fair. Especially since part of that investment is destined to a component that we have not talked about: the broadcast. Instead of keeping Shimano’s scheme, Husqvarna decided that the SRAM GX 11 Speed ​​X-Actuation it was better suited to a machine designed to last a long time and be used for practically almost any terrain.

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