Hunted the electric Porsche Macan: a tailored rival for the Tesla Model Y

The next generation of porsche macan It is almost ready for presentation. A new iteration of the electric SUV is being finalized at Porsche, and as these spy photos show, the model is facing the last stages of its development. As the German firm has confirmed, the third generation of the Macan will be a 100% electric carand must compete directly with the Tesla Model Y.

Few are the changes in the exterior design that the latest photographed units have revealed with respect to those that were hunted months ago. It should be noted that Porsche has not revealed a concept model for this electric SUV as it did previously with the Mission E (which later gave rise to the Taycan as a production model), so there is nothing left to do but imagine the design with the present photos as a starting point.

However, on this occasion the spy photographers have had the opportunity to photograph inside of one of the units that supports the development of the model, hinting at a design that drinks directly from the lines of the Taycan, with a steering wheel and dashboard inherited from it, although the latter is integrated into the upper part of the dashboard in place on it, as in the Taycan.

Porsche Macan 2
The dashboard of the electric Porsche Macan is integrated into the dashboard instead of on it, as in the Taycan.

The electric Macan is expected to coexist with the current generation of the German SUV for a while, the second offering only internal combustion mechanics, as well as perhaps plug-in hybrids.

To make the two models stand out as much as possible, beyond their propulsion technology, Porsche has chosen to provide the electric Macan with a coupe-cut bodywork, which will also allow better consumption to be achieved as it is a more efficient solution in aerodynamic terms. In addition to this difference, the Macan that is currently on the market will be subjected to a deep restyling to survive a few more years within the brand’s range.

Porsche Macan 16
The dirtiness of the photographed test unit makes it easy to appreciate the final design of the electric Macan.

The Stuttgart firm expects this new electric Macan to become its best-selling electric car, far surpassing its first model. And it is that, with the Porsche Taycan already well into its commercial journey, the German brand has before it the task increase sales of its electric cars, something in which the electric Macan will be key. And it is that if Porsche has opted for an SUV-type bodywork for its second electric car, it is because they are currently the most successful in the commercial section.

The electric Porsche Macan will also bring news in the technical section, as it will be the first model of the entire Volkswagen Group to make use of the pPPE platform (Premium Platform Electric), a technical basis developed by Audi for high-end and performance models. They will have a nominal voltage of 800 V, and thanks to this will be able to outperform the Porsche Taycan and its 270 kW of charging power.

Porsche Macan 18
The electric Macan will have an active rear spoiler with which, depending on the situation, it can improve aerodynamics.

Based on the state of the units that have been photographed, and Porsche’s product plans, hopefully the electric Porsche Macan will see the light of day in its final production form before the end of the yearno later than the beginning of 2023, with a commercialization that will begin throughout the next year.

Among its rivals, the one that stands out the most is the Tesla Model Y, with which it is expected to be matched in prices to compete directly in the commercial field and thus be among the best-selling electric cars in the world. Polestar has also announced a 100% electric rival for the Macan, the Polestar 4, which will also arrive during 2023.

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