Hunted an electric Mercedes EQA with very little camouflage, what is Mercedes up to?

The Mercedes EQA is the most affordable electric car in the entire Mercedes EQ range. The SUV, which belongs to the C segment, was launched on the market in February of last year, and based on the latest spy photos of the model, it seems that Mercedes already intends to renew its designat least slightly.

As can be seen in the images that the photographers have been able to take, Mercedes has been testing an EQA in which the front grill is camouflagedthis being the only element of the entire body that the engineers have decided to hide.

It should be noted that the front grille is one of the few aesthetic elements that the German firm has used to differentiate EQA from GLA (although in reality there is also a difference of millimeters in terms of height and total length). Among the rest of the elements that differentiate them, in addition to specific rims, there is also the design of the rear light clusters.

Mercedes EQA facelift 5
Mercedes EQA hunted.

The front grille is precisely one of the most criticized aspects of the EQA design, since it is a piece of plastic finished in glossy black that occupies a large area of ​​the front and whose quality has been questioned many times.

The German firm could have taken note of this and be testing a new solution for this piece, which predictably, and given the weight it has on the aerodynamic performance of the car, has to be tested on the road before being implemented to check that it meets its task.

Let us remember that in an electric car aerodynamics is fundamental, and given less demanding cooling needs than in thermal cars, one of the solutions used to improve aerodynamics in electric cars derived from internal combustion models is to provide them with a blind grill.

The spy photos that accompany these lines have been, precisely, taken in Spainand more specifically at some point in Andalusia, judging by the road signs, an area widely used by European manufacturers to fine-tune their models due to the temperatures and the rapid differences in altitude that can be reached in a few kilometers.

Mercedes EQA facelift 9
The hunted Mercedes EQA shows no changes in its rear area.

Mercedes could also take advantage of this slight change in design to present new features in the range (or vice versa). The EQA is currently sold in Spain under four different mechanical options, the EQA 250, EQA 250+, EQA 300 4Matic and EQA 350 4Matic. The most accessible of all, the EQA 250, starts at a price of 53,795 euros, and offers in return 424 kilometers of autonomy. The variant that achieves the most autonomy with a full charge of its battery is the 250+ that offers 540 kilometers of autonomy in exchange for 55,250 euros.

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