How much revenue did Tesla generate in Spain in 2021?

Tesla is the largest manufacturer of electric cars, in terms of volume and sales, in the world. But, How much of your general income has come from selling your cars in Spain? A report published in Europe Press talks about an increase in net profit in 2021 of 75.2% over what was registered in 2020, where a total of 988,673 euros was made.

Tesla has been one of the manufacturers that achieved the best figures worldwide in 2021 compared to the previous year, increasing all its dividends significantly and achieving a turnover of 17.7 billion dollars, which was 65% more than in 2020. They also stayed very close to crossing the psychological barrier of one million electric vehicles registered (936,172 units). In Spain, specifically, there was also a significant increase in most of its figures.

According to data recorded by InfoEmpresa, Tesla Spain was made with a total gross turnover of 155.02 million euros, 80% above what was generated in the previous year. This total is divided between the turnover for the sale of its electric cars, where an increase of 81.5% was received and 151.7 million euros were made; while in the section on income through services also increased by 28.5%generating a total of 3.25 million euros.

For the entire period of 2021, Tesla delivered a total of 3,188 electric cars in Spain. This represented 117% more than in 2020. Of this number of registrations, the undisputed king was the Tesla Model 3, of which 2,828 units were awarded; This meant that it represented 89% of the brand’s total sales and its registrations rose 134% higher than in 2020. On the other hand, the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X decreased their sales by 96% and 85%, respectively, awarding a total of 5 and 21 units. The remaining 334 units were presumably the first Tesla Model Y sold in our country, although the report makes no explicit mention of it.

PHOTO - The Tesla Model S and the Model Y would be the ones that represent the greatest risks.
The Tesla Model S was the biggest loser with only 5 registered units

At the end of 2021, Tesla had a total of 5 stores or galleries in Spain, 4 centers for technical service and a total of 40 supercharger stations. Currently, as a comparison, the North American firm has increased its number of exhibitors to 9 locations and up to 6 in official service centers.

The brand of electric cars also has notably increased the number of employees in Spain by 18% compared to 2020. The total number amounts to 122 people divided between 53 specialized in sales and 69 in services. This generated an annual expense on salaries and social security of 6.9 million euros, 27.8% more than in the previous period.

In general terms, Tesla made a net profit of 1.73 million euros in Spain, something that reducing the calculation a lot, it would be estimated that the firm made a profit of 542 euros per car; however, many other sections would be left out, including benefits for services, for example, so the real figure may be much less bulky.

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