Horwin SK3: an electric scooter that arrives in Spain to compete with the Yamaha N-Max and company

Horwin adds one more model to its range of electric motorcycles in Spain. Its about Horwin SK3one that aspires to become the most popular of the brand because of the concept around which it is articulated, since it differs slightly from the EK3, more urban, to offer a design that aims to rival gasoline models such as the Honda PCX and the Yamaha N-Max.

Despite the jump in focus of the SK3 over the EK3, their electrical schematic numbers are identical. However, based on our recent experience aboard the EK3, we can attest that its 3.1 kW rated power and 6.2kw of peak power (8.32 CV) will in practice make it move with complete solvency. The maximum speed will be limited to 90 kilometers per hour in order not to sacrifice too much battery power.

Removable batteries will also be shared by both models. The Horwin SK3 will be available with one or two battery modules with a capacity of 2.88 kWh each, through which with a full charge it can reach up to 80 kilometers of autonomy in the case of the individual module and up to 160 kilometers of autonomy in case of double pack.

Horwin SK3.
Horwin SK3.

Unlike most electric scooters on the market and in the same price range as the Horwin SK3, the brand has chosen to use a mid-engine and chain drive instead of a hub-type motor, which is a cheaper solution.

Although the firm has not specified the dimensions of the new SK3, it is easy to see that there will be a substantial difference between the EK3 and the SK3 in their measurements and that they will be transferred to better aerodynamic protection at high speed, as well as in a increased cargo space in the case of the new model. This will allow, for example, to be able to store a full face helmet under the seat hole in case of opting for a single battery module.

Among other equipment to highlight, Horwin announces full-LED lighting and a full-color digital panel that is much more advanced than that of the EK3.

Horwin SK3 colors.
The Horwin SK3 will be available in three colors: Metallic Black, Metallic Gray and Metallic Blue.

Horwin announces that in conjunction with the Moves III Plan, the SK3 has a price in Spain of 3,400 euros in case of opting for a single battery module, and 4,500 euros in the case of the double battery. If you do not resort to the state aid plan, the prices will be 4,500 euros and 5,600 eurosrespectively.

Given the price and the characteristics under which the Horwin SK3 will arrive in Spain, it is postulated as a rival that will be one step below the Silence S01 Basic, which starts at 5,100 euros without having the Moves III Plan. Another model with characteristics similar to the SK3 that is positioned in the same price range is the Super Soco CPX, a model that we have already been able to test in Hybrids and Electrics.

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