Honda’s electric car receives a special edition: this is the Honda e Limited Edition

Launched on the market in 2019, the Honda e has been the first electric car that the Japanese brand has marketed in Europe so far, and because of its moderate autonomy and a relatively high purchase price, it is having a discreet commercial life. Now the European division of Honda announces the launch of a special edition called Honda and Limited Edition.

It is, as its name indicates, a limited edition to only 50 units for the entire European market. The price of this series has only been announced, for the moment, for the United Kingdom, where this Honda e Limited Edition will be priced at 38,120 pounds, which represents an extra cost of 3,700 pounds compared to the most accessible version of the electric urbanite, which costs 34,420 pounds.

Although 50 units may seem like a short figure in general terms, it should be noted that Honda sold a total of 3,752 units of the Honda e throughout 2021. In Spain, Honda has not yet confirmed that this special series will arrive in our country.

To design the Honda e Limited Edition, the brand has taken as its starting point the most equipped line of equipment in the Honda e range, the so-called Advance. On this version, Honda distinguishes the limited series with several exclusive elements, although all are merely aesthetic.


On the one hand, and this being the element that stands out the most, we find a shade of red paint called Crystal Premium Redwhile on the other there are body parts such as the roof, the front and rear fairings, the lower part of the bumpers, the side sills or the cameras that replace the rear-view mirrors, as well as the 17-inch alloy wheels. , which are painted in black to perform a contrast function. Inside, meanwhile, there are no changes from a conventional Honda e.

Furthermore, this version can only be combined with the most powerful mechanical option, which means that we continue to find the same rear engine as 113 kW (154 hp) and 300 Nm of torque. This uses a 35 kWh capacity battery, which gives it a Approved autonomy based on the WLTP cycle of 222 kilometers.

For the launch campaign of the Honda e Limited Edition, the brand has turned to its most mediatic ambassador, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen.

In the absence of confirmation by the Spanish division of Honda of the arrival in our country of the Honda e Limited Edition, the range of the electric urbanite is made up of the Honda e (purely), and the Honda e Advance, whose prices are 33,900 and 36,900 euros, respectively. The most affordable version offers 136 CV of power (136 CV) and the same autonomy of 222 kilometers as the Advance.

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