Honda presents a three-wheeled electric scooter with balance assistance that will arrive in Spain

the japanese Sling has today presented a new signature intended to act within the field of urban and personal mobility. Is named Striemo Inc.., and has been presented by the hand of a technological electric scooter three-wheeled with balance assistance.

According to Honda, Striemo Inc. has grown out of IGNITION, a new Honda start-up program, and is the second to take place since the program’s inception.

Called Striemo, the electric scooter has been the result of the work of the co-founder and CEO of Striemo Inc, Yotaro Mori, who thanks to his experience in developing motorcycles at Honda, says he has found a formula with which he can reach all markets in the world. The brand defines it as a single-person electric micromobility product with three wheels.

At the moment Honda has not given any technical data about the Striemo, but judging by the images provided by the Japanese, it will resort to a hub-type electric motor positioned on the front wheel, and a removable battery that has been positioned on the handlebar mast, which has allowed them to free up the platform and innovate with a more natural driving position by being able to place both feet parallel to it. Thanks to this, and according to the brand, Striemo allows stable driving with less chance of falling throughout its speed range.

Striemo, from Striemo Inc.

This structure, says Honda, was achieved through a precise design in which the center of gravity has been calculated within “an order of a tenth of a millimeter” and an original balance assist mechanism developed for Striemo, although on this Lastly, the brand has not given any more details.

Yotaro Mori comments about the Striemo and the concept around which they have articulated the product: “One of the fun things about mobility is discoveries and first encounters. I developed Striemo based on my desire for more people to experience that fun and my non-conformist spirit to create a means of transport that would allow everyone to go out more naturally, as if they were putting on their shoes to go outside. Striemo is a new mobility product developed using insights from “human studies” gained from my experience developing motorcycles at Honda. My goal is to make Striemo one of the most used mobility products in everyday life for people around the world and to create a better world where people enjoy freedom of movement.”

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