Honda complies with its plan: currently only markets hybrid and electric cars in Europe

Europe has become in its own right the greatest bastion for low or zero emission vehicles. A large part of the compendium of current manufacturers hope to become pure electric in the coming years, prioritizing this transformation in our region. Honda is one of the brands that has already fulfilled its first roadmap and, today, only markets hybrid and electric cars on the old continent, thus presenting a range of models that is entirely electrified to a greater or lesser extent.

From the Japanese brand they have fulfilled one of their objectives, which was market only electrified models. This is positioned as a preliminary step for the total transformation of the company to a 100% electric brand, something that they hope will happen before the end of this decade, while by 2050 they hope to become a completely carbon neutral companyWorldwide.

Today, the Honda range is characterized by a widespread use of self-charging hybrid architecture. Models such as the Honda HR-V, the Honda CR-V, the Honda Jazz, as well as its crossover variant, the Crosstar, are a good example of this preference for hybrid mechanics. To these we add, just a few weeks ago, the launch of the new Honda Civic e:HEV, of which we were already able to give you some first impressions about it. As a model of inspiration for what will come in the coming years, we find the friendly Honda andthe only model with 100% electric mechanics in the entire range from the Japanese manufacturer, and that has a huge dose of gadgets and distinctive elements.

Honda only sells hybrid and electric cars in Europe.
Honda only sells hybrid and electric cars in Europe.

However, Honda’s vision goes even further than hybridization or pure battery-based electrification, since Japanese engineers and managers already have their sights set on the electrification of their models based on the use of the battery. of hydrogen fuel. In order to encourage the development of these alternative mechanics and, until now, little known, Honda will carry out an investment of 57,000 million euros in this regard for the next ten years. In a global vision, Honda expects that in the year 2040, 100% of its range offered will be fully electric, either through batteries or fuel cells.

Honda’s plans estimate that between now and 2030, the firm will launch 30 new electric models worldwide. Until then, the Japanese expect to sign around 2 million electric vehicle registrations globally. However, Honda’s future plans do not end here, as we remember that just over three months ago, it signed a future collaboration contract with Sony. Between both companies they hope to give life to new electric models much more focused on technology.

With this corporate conjunction, both Japanese companies hope to launch a series of electric vehicles with a strong technological load. Sony has already shown the world its own electric SUV model, called the Vision-S 02. This deal is expected to result in a first commercial model for the year 2025which would be sold in the main markets of the world.

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