Hertz receives the first units of the electric Polestar 2 for rent in Europe

At Hertz, the company specializing in car rental around the world, they have been immersed in updating their range of models for some years, with a view to transforming their proposals towards complete electrification. Two months ago, at the beginning of April, Hertz announced a massive purchase of Polestar 2 models. That order consisted of a total of 65,000 rental models worldwideof which have already received the first units of the Swedish electric model.

This was not the first major acquisition of electric cars by Hertz, since a few months earlier it had also done the same with a fleet of Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 of up to 100,000 units, which turned out to be the largest order received for Tesla. in its history, and assured that this would not be the last acquisition between both companies, but that even more will come later.

The order made to Polestar consists of a total of 65,000 units that will distribute their deliveries over 5 consecutive years, that is, about 13,000 electric cars each year. This, for the Swedish company, will mean a huge boost to Polestar registrations, as this order is positioned as the largest made to this brand.

Initially, the order is restricted to Polestar 2 vehicles, however, later models such as the Polestar 3, the electric SUV that will hit the market next year, will also join the fleet of rental vehicles. Additionally, they will also add several units of the exclusive Polestar 1, the high-performance plug-in hybrid. The latter will be reserved for specific markets and places where the demand for this type of vehicle is more noticeable, as the manufacture of the Polestar 1 is carried out in very limited quantities. As confirmed by Hertz’s own sources, the company will add this sporty plug-in model to its fleet called “Dream”which is characterized by offering the largest number of performance models.

Later, the exclusive Polestar 1 will also be offered for rent.
Later, the exclusive Polestar 1 will also be offered for rent.

The offer of electric rental cars signed by Polestar, will start in Europe in the coming weeks, in order to have the first electric models operational for the summer season. New units destined to serve other world markets, such as the United States or Australia, will arrive later, although this will presumably not happen until the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, spoke in a recent statement about the relationship between the two companies, which could not be better, according to the manager. This massive purchase of electric models will mean that many potential customers try the experience of driving an electric car for the first timesomething that could have a direct impact on a greater pull in Polestar’s personal sales.

Today, the firm is positioned with significant growth in the 25 markets in which it provides services, with more than 55,000 units already delivered, of which 29,000 were carried out in 2021. By 2022 they expect to deliver a total of 50,000 more electric cars; this prediction has decreased by 15,000 vehicles with respect to the initial estimate. This is due to the different confinements and difficulties that Chinese citizens, the main market for Polestar, are facing. New models will arrive later in the range with which they expect to reach the figure of 290,000 annual deliveries from 2025.

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