Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, doubts the existence of the Apple Car

Apple has been involved in the project for years to launch its own electric vehicle on the streets, or that is what the hundreds of rumors that have been going on for almost a decade have talked about. The initially known as Project Titan could finally have left in the lurch his idea of ​​launching a electric car and autonomous in favor of focusing on third-party car software, the continuous delay in its presentation and the few official tracks by the brand could testify to this. In fact, in a public exhibition made by Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, he has made a mention about it.

There has been a lot of news around a supposed vehicle officially launched by Apple, as will many other technology companies that are also launching into it, such as Xiaomi or Sony (hand in hand with Honda). The Cupertino company would have held talks with brands like Hyundai with which it hoped to go hand in hand, although this ultimately came to nothing; He also had talks with the manufacturer Magna, and patents have even been leaked on the autonomous technology that his car would possess. All these news suggest that it will finally be so and Apple could launch its own vehicle, however, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group does not have this same vision about it.

In a first intervention on the matter, Diess was skeptical about Apple’s future plans to launch its own vehicle.. This happened last Wednesday at a technology conference held at Hub.Berlin, in the German capital. There, the CEO assumed that the “Titan Project” to which Apple would have dedicated so many years is nothing more than a revolving door for veterans of the automotive industry. “I’m not sure if Apple will really bring cars to market in the end”assumes the manager. “This would take a lot of effort on their part.”

However, the CEO also added that the car will become in the coming years the most digital and technological device imaginable. This is something that can be directly linked to the possibility that Apple has invested so much time and money in studying electric vehicles, either as part of a plan to supply said technology or as an automobile manufacturer itself.

Certainly, there are many workers who have left top-tier companies and brands in favor of joining the ranks of Apple and, supposedly, fully entering the development of Project Titan, which could not only cover the manufacture and development of own vehicle, but of all the technology that surrounds it. Among some of these personalities is Kevin Lynch, who left Adobe to enter this project; Ulrich Kranz, former senior vice president of BMW i, or Desi Ujkashevic, former global director of safety engineering at Ford, among many others.

Herbert Diess suggested in his speech that it is possible that Apple is fully involved in software development mainly, as we have already seen in its renewed Apple CarPlay system, which would be integrated as a complete multimedia system for cars. This updated software could be the first step of what the brand’s future electric car will bring with it or, on the contrary, they would base their progress in this regard on creating systems for third parties, thus abandoning the idea of ​​manufacturing their vehicle. It is possible that in a few years we will know all the information about it.

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